Thursday 15 March 2012

Keeping it real

I will begin my latest blockbuster post with a barnstormer of an interview I had with Cathal " I have massive calves" Byrd. This is as real as it gets. It is really important to keep it real...

Here is what it takes to keep it real with Irish weightlifting:

With this interview and the resultant surge in popularity and success, I think Cathal is going to turn into this type of person:

In my own training, I finished my first cycle in training. My aims were to hit 110/140 again after three weeks back training with four months off the classical lifts. There was an Irish squad session at the end of the third week and I had only hit 100/126 in my training cycle up to that point and had not gone near weights higher than that in four and a half months. I got them both and it felt so good being back with the squad and hitting 90%+ numbers again. Satisfying and sweet.

I was healthier at the end of my training cycle than I was at the beginning which is my favourite part. I am doing the same cycle again and will hit 115/145 in training by the end if it.

To finish off this post, here is a funny sketch. Wayne Brady is a housewives' favourite that is the equivalent of Ryan Turbridy except less annoying. He is also percieved as being as boring and embarrassingly smug. Like my interview with Cathal above, this sketch was designed to dissipate those ideas of him: