Tuesday 16 November 2010

Tuesday's turnpike

I enjoyed the competition up in Belfast on Saturday. As usual, it was very well organised and it was refreshing to have so much space to warm up and relax in. This is by far and away the best venue in the country and I heard that the Irish Seniors will be held there in April, so hopefully that goes ahead.

As far as my own performance went, I lifted relatively well and more importantly I enjoyed it. Gillian lifted really well and once she was finished lifting, I was able to relax and chill out for a while. I made sure that I ate foods that would not be too heavy on the stomach and that I had enough energy for the day. My warm up went relatively well and I Snatched up to 100kg and went out to the platform. I deliberately left my warm up as late as possible so that I could use my scant nervous energy in the competition platform. I almost left my warm up too late for the Clean and Jerk, but I woul rather be too rushed than too tired! Here is a video of my lifts. My Snatches were 106kg, 111kg, and 113kg. My Clean and Jerks were 135, 140 and 145kg.

I was happy with my performance here because it was another small step up from my last two competitions. I am not exactly where I should be right now, but I have no choice other to to get on with it. I felt strong, but quite slow in general. These are the heaviest weights I have hit since May and I know I am getting back on track. London is in two and a half weeks and I know I will have another step up again. I have an intense week this week followed by a lighter week with a heavy session the week before. The week of the competition will be a get as fresh as possible week so that I rip it up as much as possible in London.


andymurphy said...

great lifting barry well done looking forward to ripping it up in east coast soon

Sean Flanagan said...

perfect lifting Barry, well done

Harry said...

Good lifting Barry-John - you're looking sharp, strong and improving every competition.

Sami and yourself have had a very stressful period setting up the fabulous East Coast Barbell and between that, coaching and work I'm not surprised that you were over-trained & run-down earlier in the year.

But you're coming through the other side now and you've got more in the tank for London. I really can't wait!

Barry said...

Thanks for the positive words gentlemen, they are much appreciated. I will lift bigger weights in London, that much I can assure you.

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