Sunday 5 December 2010

Sunday's snickering

Firstly, here is a great video to start the post with:

As for weightlifting, sadly the competition was not able to go ahead because of the weather and it has been postponed till January 8th. A little part of me died inside when David Woodhouse kindly texted me to say the London Open was not going on. We had a fun training session yesterday in ECB, but it was not the same. I have been focusing on this competition for a long time and my next competition will be in February for the UL Open. It gives me more time to train for my 272kg total, so all is not in vain. Gillian, Zag and Dee lifted really well yesterday and it was great seeing each of them improve.

Here is another mood booster:

And one more for good luck:

I am going to have two fun training weeks and see how it goes. I hope everyone is training hard and enjoying it.


Eamonn Flanagan said...

People are awesome. So is CGI.

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