Wednesday 15 December 2010

Wednesday's whippets

I found missing out on London quite deflating and the anti-climax has temporarily killed my training mojo. I will get it back. Last week I trained once and this week I will get three sessions in. Listen to this song as you read this post because it is beautiful:

Because I have very little to report on my own training, here are some interesting links to cool things to read and watch:

This is directly taken from Vern Gambetta's blog and strikes home:
Knowing & Learning Stuff

There is stuff you know.

There is stuff you think you know.

There is stuff you know you don’t know.

Then there is stuff you don’t know, you don’t know.

It seems to me one of the biggest challenges is moving stuff from the category of you don’t know you don’t know it, to knowing you don’t know it. I know, as I get older I realize that the stuff I know and the stuff I think I know pales in significance in relation to the stuff I know I don’t know. I just want to keep learning, challenging myself and exploring the mysteries of human movement and performance by getting more stuff into the category of stuff I know. I do know it is a process.

This makes me think about the training errors I have made and how I need to evolve.

Next up is an interview with Donny Shankle from my new friend Cedric's website. He is a cool guy and we are bringing Glenn Pendlay over in March next year to perform a weightlifting workshop in both Edinburgh and in Ireland.

Donny also reveals an extract from his new book in this blog post.

Here is an interesting post from a blog I like; it has interesting ideas about how to learn and develop talent.

Here is a video with David Rigert in it. Enough said:

Three lighthearted entries:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing , via your blog, to Glenn Pendlay. At moment i am following one of his routines for Masters lifter and enjoying it. More importantly i am sticking to it ( which is a miracle). Thanks Barry.

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