Friday 5 February 2010

Friday's focus

I was meant to train on Thursday and get my squats done, but I was had a bit of a tummy bug so I left it. I did my squats today and left my Power Snatch to try and get some degree of freshness for tomorrow's competition in Limerick. I did my recovery squat session of 145kg for six sets of two reps. I will do my 4x4 with 162 either after the competition or on Sunday. At the moment, I am leaning more towards squatting on Sunday and getting back into my routine on Monday.

I have been having several epsom salt baths over the last few days in order to try and heal up and recover to a greater degree. Obviously I have been paying more attention to getting a solid eight hours of sleep a night and have done so for the last five nights. This is the part of my training that I find the most difficult ot follow through on. The training part is always done, as is the nutrition piece of the jigsaw; but it is the sleep part that I struggle with the most. I still get around seven and a half hours a night most nights, but this is not enough for me when I am training hard. I am thinking that I really need more like nine hours of sleep in order to recover fully. Now, the kicker is that when I am training really hard, I find it far more difficult to get to sleep. ZMA does not really help me in this regard and I would rather improve in this regard without any supplements. What I have been doing is turning off my laptop earlier, having a bath and generally switching off earlier. Also, I have not been using any stimulants such as guarana or caffeine. This has helped over the last week, but now I need to go from eight hours to eight and a half hours. I always find it hard to go to bed earlier, but I know I can form whatever habit I need to succeed.

In a similar vein, here is a video that I know will help people improve their posture and back health in general. It is long, but it is worth the time. You can learn a lot and it will improve yor present and future back health ehich will of course help you in your everyday life and in your training:


Colin Rigney said...

Take a sauna and have a beer or two afterward and you'll go right to sleep

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