Monday 1 February 2010

Monday's myriad

Training was very basic today: Power Snatch and Back Squat. I wanted to spare my calves so I Power Snatched instead of going into the full lift. I worked on power and basic rhythm within the lift. It was not pretty, but I got my three singles with 95kg and left it there. I was not quite staying over the bar enough and this meant I was extending back rather than finishing my pull by extending up. It was a minor thing though and I will get it right for tomorrow and Wednesday.

Wayne Snatched up to 99, did a few Clean and Jerks--he had a sore shoulder though so he did not do much--and then took a break and Snatched again up to 102 and then did Cleans working up to a triple with 110. He then took a break and Snatched a third time up to 95 I think and then called it a day. His left quad was at him slightly so he was not able to squat, but he "could Snatch till the cows come home." He is still only training twice a week, with three times being the exception, but his numbers are going up every week and it is great to see him lifting consistently again.

I warmed up with the Jerk work again and then did a few doubles with 50, a double with 70 and then two singles with 80, one with 90 and then three singles with 95. It was a Monday so my speed was not quite up to scratch--it tends to be better on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for some reason.

I took a ten minute break and did three sets of wider foot stance Back Squats and these took the pressure off my achilles/soleus/calves. I then did doubles with 100, 120, 140 and then I did my five sets of five with 153kg which is 85%. It was tough going out for the last set because my legs felt like jelly and they really did not want to do; but when there is no choice, you just have to do it! Once I got the rhythm with the squats they were fine; heavy but I knew I would get them.

I have the UL open on Saturday and I am really looking froward to competing again. Myself and Zag will train tomorrow and Wednesday and then have two days to rest. We are not tapering and are treating it as a training competition, so we will have to wait and see how we do. The most important thing for me is to keep getting my squats and my Snatch up. The rest can come whenever it will. Have a look at the video below and let me know what you think:


Anonymous said...

looking forward to having yee in limerick did wayne snatch that or just appear magically in the bottom of the snatch position after starting his pull seriously quick


Anonymous said...

Hi Barry
Enjoying the squats? I think I'm starting to, although 5x5 took me to a dark place yesterday, but I got through it. Breezed 6x2 tonight. Snatched for first time since before Christmas on Sat, wrist still isn't right but the rest is doing it good. Lets me squat though! Good luck on Sat.
Tommy Turner

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