Sunday 31 January 2010

Saturday's slip up

I ended up having a decent workout on Saturday despite indulging in some wishful weightlifting. I still had it in my head to get the jump from 100 to 110, but it was not to be in this session. I will get it very soon though...

I warmed up with the Jerk exercises again and I am finding these very beneficial. I do more light Jerks for repetitions more than the assistance exercises themselves, but I find they are getting me more and more comfortable in the Jerk position. I am trying to get how I rack the bar as relaxed as possible. I read in a forum where John Broz said that if you could rack the bar and take your hands away, clap them and then put your hands back onto the bar, you had a proper rack position. I am nowhere near that comfortable yet, but with more time and experimenting, I will get there. Another skill that I am trying to implement is to get my chest through rather than my head. This will keep my chin up and from diving my body through in the catch which is a habit I formed for a while.

I started off the Snatch with three doubles with 40kg getting Harry to try and force my back into position. I did doubles with 60, 80 and then singles with 100 and I missed 110 three times. I was happy to make the jump from 80 to 100 again, but it was not the wisest of moves in retrospect. It was a Saturday morning after a week's work and training the previous evening. But, there are worse traits than being too ambitious; I would rather be that way than the opposite.

I moved on into Power Clean and Jerks. I was supposed to do full Cleans but my calves/achilles/soleus were killing me, particularly my right one. I did 3 singles with 70, then a single with 90, 100, 110, 120 and after an ugly Clean with 130, I went back down to 127. I had to fight against my instinct for this last lift. I wanted to walk away and call it a day. I was tired and irritated with my misses. I had to swallow the pride and go get my 127 which was only a Clean and Jerk. I could not Power Clean the weight, but at least it was smooth.

Front Squats--6x6 @ 50kg. I did these as an active recovery and also a way to try and get my Front squat stance wider in order to open up my hips and get me used to getting my feet out in the catch in the Clean and the Snatch. In the first set, my hips were really stiff and tight, but as I got more reps and sets in, they loosened up and I was able to get deeper than parallel in a stance that is far wider than normal. I am really glad I did these because it shows me I can go wider and this will take the stress off my calves and achilles when I squat.


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