Tuesday 5 January 2010

Monday's max out

We all had two sessions again on Monday. In the first session it took us all a good while to warm up. I Snatched to max for the day which was 110, as did Paudie, who got 67.5kg. Cathal took it very light as did Zag who was under the weather. David Woodhouse Snatched up to 125 and then missed 127 and 130 in as close a manner as I have ever seen. He missed them on the way up after the catch. He then Power Cleaned and Jerked 135 easily, but he was clearly tired. The man has a very powerful second pull in his Snatch and his Clean and he really maximises his pulling potential.

In the Snatch, I did doubles with 60, 80, 90 and then singles with 100, 105 and 110 and then left it there because I knew Harry and Wayne would have told me to. I also wanted to save a bit for the second session an hour later. Technically, my back was good, but my shoulders were not quite as locked throughout the pull as I needed them to be. I was a bit tired so there was not the dynamism that I would have liked, but that is the most I have ever Snatched in training--I have Snatched 115 in competition--so I was happy to leave it there.

In the second session, Paudie got a 5 kg pb in the Clean. First of all, he equalled his pb of 92.5; then he got 95 and then 97.5kg. 100 was beyond him in the focus department but the strength and technique is clearly there. Cathal Snatched 108 and narrowly lost 110 behind. 108 is the most he has Snatched since last July when his knees were healthy, so he was content enough. Zag went easier again in the lifts, but after Front Squatting 140 in the morning he went up to 160 for an afternoon single in the Back Squat. After Chris Chea got a 120 bench in the morning weighing 71 kg, in his second session after we left, he Snatched 112. You can't beat genetics....

In my second session in the Clean and Jerk, I did a few singles with 70, then a single with 100, 110, 120 and 130 which I Power Cleaned and Jerked. I then went to 140, got it and missed the Clean with 146 which was frustrating. With the 130 Clean I could feel my back giving out a bit and I could not lock it at all. Fatigue always exposes weakness, and I know it is something I have to work on. 110/140 i ssomething I have never done in a training day before; the most was 105/140 around six weeks ago. Very light on Tuesday and then see how things go on Wednesday I suppose.


GoLift said...

Love the video. All the boys firing on all cylinders. Being smart Barry? Plenty more to come in the future so save a little. Have you changed to a wider stance in the snatch? We are giving the double session a go on Saturday. Should be fun. Robbie

Wayne said...

nice snatch'n and Paudie's clean .Hows sami's leg's can he walk ?.looks a good training hall. IT'S ABOUT TIME BIRDMAN GOOD GOING.

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