Thursday 28 January 2010

Wednesday's whirling sense of perspective

Yesterday's workout was very intense and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to the 6 sets of 6 reps part of the Russian squat program and yesterday proved to be the day in question. For some reason I was determined to Power Snatch into Snatch and it ended up biting me in the rear. I was dead set about Power Snatching 100 and then Snatching 110. This proved to be silly as the weight was not the problem--as you will see in the video--but rather I was not getting under the bar quickly enough or shifting my hips properly in the catch poisition.

I worked on the Jerk again during the warm up and did some good mornings into press for a few sets to warm up the back and get it locked. I also did a few light sets of the modified RDL Tom showed me in Amsterdam to get the back locked.

Power Snatch--1x2@40, 40, 60 1x1@80, 90, 100--I brought this down to parallel so it does not count as a Power Snatch.

Snatch--I missed 110 twice and as I had a massive squat session coming up, I had to leave some fuel in the. I really wanted to go for it a third time. I found it very difficult to put the Snatch out of my mind and move on to the Squats, but I did. I literally had to force myself not to talk about the Snatch or focus on it at all.

Back Squat--1x2@126, 135 6x6@144KG--80%
It took me two sets to get my rhythm together, and they were far smoother once I did this. The hardest part was keeping the mind focused after you stood up to do the next set. My legs felt like they were made of jelly and filled with lactic acid at the same time. And then I had to squat again. Great stuff though and I really enjoyed the mental and physical challenge.

Have a look at the video below and see if you have any constructive criticism.


CathalByrd said...

Good session, well done with 6x6.

That 100kg was a hell of a lot more a power snatch than your 133kg was power clean.

Fantastic stuff from Mr. Healy, looking forward to seeing him lift in UL next week.

In the background of Wayne's Harry either 1) topless, or 2) wearing a dodgy white wife-beater?!

Barry said...

It is in fact a dodgy pink t-shirt. Maybe Harry will call it salmon, who knows.

bigphathar said...

It's an awesome polo shirt, though I'm not surprised neither of you get it, with your teacher pants and whatnot!

See you in Limerick Mr.Beard, let me know if you need us to bring anything extra (got your email re the ladies bar.)

andymurphy said...

great lifting from wayne ul should be a good competition for all concerned from dublin.

good work on the squats barry just watch out for the succesive heavy days

andymurphy said...

please post some videos of coach lees return to lifting !!!!

Laura Nolan said...

Murph, it isn't video of Coach Lee's lifting you want to see, it is video of him being stretched by Alex. I find watching that is a great pick-me-up after a tough session. I will do my best to provide next week :)

Laura Nolan said...

Barry, did you try to jump 10kg straight from your 100kg power snatch to your 110 snatch? Can't remember where I read it (Glenn Pendlay's site maybe) but I've seen recommendations not to jump over 5% of bodyweight once you're into a challenging weight range. I find that's about the most I can jump anyway.

Anonymous said...

In a competition situation it might be NECESSARY to take a big jump. Also, taking bigger jumps during the warm up means you will be less fatigued when you hit the (near) maximum lifts.

IMO 10% of bar weight is about the most you would look to jump.


Anonymous said...

I agree with David here. I went for the jump from 100 to 110 because I need to be able to make it. I think the only reason I did not make it is because I went from Power Snatching to Snatching, which was just silly as Wayne subsequently told me. The bar height was there but I was not fluid enough in the catch as I would have been if I Snatched the full way up. But it depends on how you feel, I suppose. 100 flew up so I just went or it. I will get it next time...


Laura Nolan said...

Agreed, PS into S is not easy.

There are pros and cons to the bigger jumps during warmups. Doing a bit more volume in the warmup can lead to being more in the groove when you get to the top weights. The Chinese do a huge amount of volume in their warmups (see sportivny press report on the Beijing Olympics). It would appear to work for them :)

Obviously conditioning is needed to do that.

I've never seen a lifter take a 10% of bar weight jump and pull it off. Even 5% would be a big jump at a high level. I can think of reasons to try it but it'll always be a last-ditch low-percentage gamble...

Josh said...

I've always wanted to try olympic weight lifting as I find it to be amazing. And much different than the weight training I do. I love the explosive movements and the lack of the negative portion of the rep. I've just never had the chance to get into it and find a good coach. I find the movements very difficult to learn... but haven't tried much. Now that my life is so busy, I doubt I will ever get to try olympic weight lifting. I find your videos amazing, though, as I love to see the quickness, explosiveness, coordination, and strength required for every lift.

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