Thursday 7 January 2010

Tuesday’s tricksters

Tuesday was a light session that we all found hard psychologically. Knowing it would be a light session and that we were fatigued already made it even harder. We ended up having a lot of random fun which will be revealed in the blooper reel in a few days. One blooper incident is shown at the end of the video and we actually read that it is a secret Bulgarian training restorative.

We only trained once and we opened up with Clean doubles. Myself and Byrdie went up to 110 in doubles and then did singles with 117 and 125. Paudie and Sami went a bit lighter percentage wise, but also worked on general technical points as you will see in the video.

For the second exercise we did the Snatch and I went up to a few singles with 80 and finished with a Power Snatch of 85. Cathal did 80 for a treble, 85 for a double and 90 for a single. We all went light and were able to have a bit of banter doing so. Chris did some Jerks from the rack with 110 and Koing, after not training for 20 days while away on holiday, came back and Snatched 115 and Clean and Jerked 140, both 95% lifts. He then Cleaned a pb of 151kg so he could have the heaviest Clean in the gym. You have to love that sense of competition!

Have a look at the video below and see if you like the secret Bulgarian techniques.


snatch_pete said...

Now this made me laugh, courtesy of Colin Bell

bigphathar said...

Fair play to Colin for putting that up, I've done a lot of stupid stuff and would never want it up on YouTube! Gave me a laugh though...

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