Wednesday 20 January 2010

Tuesday's thimbleful of pb's

It ended up being a great session and Zag got a pb Snatch of 101kg despite killing himself squatting the previous day. One of the Leinster ladies, Sinead, got a 3kg pb of 65kg in the Clean and Jerk also. I had a good session but not quite so amazing. Here is what I did:

I have been warming up with a lot of Jerk skill work since last week and it is supposed to hlp make my Jerk more automatic, which I think it is.

Snatch--1x2@40, 40, 40, 60 1x1@80, 90, 100, 110--I missed this but I have never made those jumps before and I wanted to go for it. My back was pretty straight in all my Snatches so I was happy enough. I went back down to 95, then 102, then I got 105 for 90% and then I did not have 107 in me. I will get the 100 to 110 jump very soon.

Clean into Jerks--These are in my program because they force me to get everything out of my Jerk drive. I cannot leave anything in the tank and it is a nice movement that also helps make the skill automatic. I did singles with 60, 80, 100, 110 and then 120 to finish off. They are actually quite tiring on the legs.

Back Squat--Today was the recovery day and it is amazing how much easier the doubles of 80% are a week and a half after starting the program.
1x2@ 135, 144 for six doubles.

Thank you everyone for the kind words about the blog. I love writing it and hopefully it will continue to improve into its second year in existence. Have a look at the video below and leave any feedback that you think can help.


snatch_pete said...

Clean into jerk I tried in December after seeing some on Taylor Chiu's diary on Weightlifting Exchange. I also found they were good for getting a good straight drive out of clean (a problem of mine) and you also cant hang around driving out of the clean either!

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