Sunday 3 January 2010

Sunday's supersetted sessions

We did two sessions today, but we were generally pretty tired. Cathal went to 90% plus in both sessions in the Snatch and did not really push it otherwise. Paudie went up to 90% in the Clean and Jerk and otherwise had a technical day, as did Zag; but Zag got a Back Squat pb at the end of the session.

I had a nice light first session that lasted around an hour and fifteen minutes or so. I took my time warming up--I had stiff hips--and enjoyed the slow pace. I worked up to three doubles with 80 in the Snatch and then did one more single. I was focusing on getting the back and hips as tight as possible at the bottom. I also tried to widen my grip out a finger length and it was harder to maintain a tight position. I finished off the first session with a few single Front Squat singles and went up to 130, 140, 150 and I missed 160. Embarrassing.

We took an hour and a half break and went back for a second session. I went up to a single in the Snatch with 97 and 100, worked up to 120 in the Clean and Jerk for a few singles and then left it there. Byrdie got 104 in the Snatch in the morning and 105kg in the evening and did 5 singles with 127 in the Clean. Paudie went up to 60/85 and Sami went light but Back Squatted a pb of 168kg.

I was pretty tired in general yesterday and felt fresher today. Aside from Cathal, we all went light, as did Chris Chea who has trained with us most days. It is funny that the harder I train, the tougher it is to sleep. I obviously need to wind down a bit more in the late evening. We are still really enjoying ourselves here and the atmosphere is both fun and motivating.


brendan said...

Topless weightlifting!!!! Whatever next. I hope it is more successful than topless darts.

Eamonn Flanagan said...

Lifting without a shirt adds 10%. At least.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you have crazy ankle mobility..

bigphathar said...

10% sexiness or 10% weight? Or both?

Good job on the PB Sami, if you'd had that controlled descent in the Club's you'd have done 170!

Look forward to seeing you all back in the Club, I had to clear some tumbleweed off the platform yesterday...

GoLift said...

We'd have tops off 24/7 if we didn't lift in a baltic shed. But unfortunately our biceps are not as maximus as the Byrd showed off. Is he a secret bicep curler?
Who is the singapore weightlifter? I was over there in June lifting at your gym beside the national stadium. Bloody warm.
Great lifting lads. Motivating me to head out in the snow. Keep up the great work. Robbie

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