Saturday 2 January 2010

Saturday's snuffly weightlifters in London

I was the only Irish lifter not to have a cold today, which I was thankful for. Myself, Zag, Paudie Roche and Cathal Byrd got up at four in the morning and got a plane to London to train for five days with David Woodhouse and his lifters in Woking Weightlifting Club. We arrived into the gym straight from the airport and we were all pretty stiff, but excited all the same. The idea was to Snatch and see where it took us from there.

There were some great lifts from David, a 90kg lifter and Chris Chea, a 72kg kg lifter. Both of them Cleaned 150kg. Zag got a Clean pr of 130kg, Cathal got a 5x5 Back Squat pb of 150kg. Paudie got a 120kg Front Squat pb as a 62kg lifter.

I started with the Snatch and did three doubles with 40, a double with 60, 70, 80, 90 and then singles with 100, 105 and then I missed 107kg four times. I knew it was there and on David's suggestion, went up to 108kg, got it and left it there. This is the heaviest I have Snatched in training for a long time so I was happy. My back lock was as good as it has ever been and I know I can still get it better in my upper back which sags ever so slightly during my first pull. Considering I was not feeling very fast, I have to be happy with 94% in the Snatch.

I then went on to Clean and Jerks and I worked up to 120kg but my Cleans were feeling out of sync, so I went onto Power Cleans. I did singles in the Power Clean with 120, 125 and then I got a 130kg Power Clean for a 3 kg pb. I tried 133kg, but my catch needed to be faster to keep it above parallel. Next time. I also really have to work on my back arch in the Clean. The Snatch back lock is way better, but the Clean arch must improve. I left it there considering our we are training twice in the next two days, and then once a day for the following two days.

The atmosphere in the gym is infectious and myself and the lads are really enjoying our time so far. Chris Chea's parents have been really kind in feeding us and David's hospitality has been exemplary. Hopefully the rest of the week will be as productive.


GoLift said...

Great lifting to everyone. PBs after a 4am start just shows what a change of scenery and a good group can do. Whats the plan for the rest of the week? Robbie

Erik Blekeberg said...

Nice work everyone. When that clean forced Chea backwards I was freaked for a bit.

wayne healy said...

take it easy pb for the last day of camp .all look v strong

Barry said...

Cheers Robbie. Well done on your own pb's by the way. The plan is to work on our technique and have an active recovery session on Tuesday and go heavier on our last day's training on Wednesday.

Erik, it freaked us out a bit also!

Wayne, I went heavier today, will go light and sharp tomorrow and then see how we feel for Wednesday. I was not quite able to control myself enough today though!

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