Tuesday 15 February 2011

Tuesday's think tank

Because I have been late with my update, here is something to make up:

I actually had a much longer interview with Donny, but the connection was poor and for whatever reason, the program I was using to record the conversation did not work right and I lost most of it. Annoying, but what can you do?

Another piece of news is that this blog has made another list of the best blogs/sites to look out for. Apparently I am an authority on getting huge, but this list also looks suspiciously like the other one I was included in a few weeks back. Like I said before, I am now officially above the law. I will become this man:

As for my own training, last week I had to take a download week because my lower back would not allow me to train. I still squatted heavy and slightly altered my squatting style by not sending my hips back as much, but after I Snatched on the Wednesday, I stiffened up quite a bit again. So, I decided to take last week as a taper week and this week load up again, even though I have a competiton on Saturday. This is not an important competition so getting my training right is far more important and I feel far better now. My lumbar area is still stiff in the attachment area and no longer the muscle belly. Every day it gets a small bit better, so all I can do is be patient. Because I was able to contract my lumber spine for the first time, I experienced quite severe doms. This is productive pain though, so the key is simply to manage the inflammation and accept it.

Last night, I Snatched for 8 singles and Box Squatted for 5x5; I left out the RDL's for obvious reasons. In the Snatch, I did a single with 90, 100, 105 which I stupidly missed because I did not stay over the bar, but I got it easily on my second attempt. I then hit 108kg, but it was quite slow. I was happy with the technique and positioning, but it was a monotone lift. I then went back to hit 90, 95 and 100kg again but increased the tempo significantly. I found it very difficult to lift with speed because I am very tired at the moment. Work and ECB committments are kicking my ass at the moment, so from that perspective as well as a physical one, a download week was probably in order anyway. My 5x5 in the squat went up another 2.5kg and I hit 142.5kg. Once again, the weight was not heavy, but the third and four reps on the last two sets in particular are real grinders and I am finding that as my numbers rise, the amount of rest I am taking is also rising. I am ok with that and the fact that I did not do the RDL's gave me the time anyway.

So, I have another session on Wednesday where I will do my Hang Snatches, Clean and Jerk singles and light Front Squats. I will then finish with some presses and Pendlay Rows, neither of which I did last week. Over and out.


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