Sunday 27 February 2011

A week's winter hibernation

This last week off work has allowed some time off and I graciously took it. My shoulder has ached increasingly as the last few months have gone by, so I decided to get my shoulder and hip looked at this last week to try and get both issues sorted as well as I could. I am seeing a different physical therapist at the moment and hopefully he will be able to help me. He has already identified a basic imbalance in my overall structure which explains why I have had problems with my right ankle, hip and shoulder. Hopefully he will be able to help and if he does, I will write a lot more about the process. Until then, I will see what happens. My hip is a problem that has major implications for my future and if I do not fix it now, I know I will regret it in ten years time. I will still be able to train around it and continue getting stronger, but my future as an athlete and more importantly, as person who likes to have basic movement literacy skills, I need to face the music. If it has a positive effect on my weightlifting, it will be a bonus.

I trained twice this week and I kept the intensity in the squatting only. I basically rested a lot and caught up on an outstanding amount of sleep. I feel good and am really looking forward to the next few training weeks because there is a national training squad weekend on the 12/13th of March in ECB which will be the best ever squad session ever in Irish weightlifting.

Here are a few cool videos. David Woodhouse Power Cleans 152kg. His methods of training have clearly helped him develop as a weightlifter. I am really looking forward to seeing him lift 130/160 in competition and I know he will do it very soon.

Here is a young weightlifter from Tralee who is so far ahead of the rest of Irish weightlifting athletically, it is not even funny:

Yes, Clarence is a far better weightlifter than me and yes, he is 17. He is so much more athletic than me I am not even embarrassed, I am actually very happy to have someone like this in Irish weightlifting.


Anonymous said...

wow those two vids are just stunning!!

Marc said...

always nice to see genuinely talented Irish lifters.

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