Saturday 5 February 2011

Saturday's soreness

I trained well today, but my lower back hates me right now. It has been tight all week and after I finished Snatching today, it was even sorer. Not muscle pulling pain, just severe doms--delayed onset muscular soreness. Monday's session was a good one, but after getting more locked in with the first pull with my Snatches, RDL's and Box Squats, my lower back was quite stiff from Tuesday onwards. I read this article from Mark Rippetoe and I have been applying some of his ideas to good effect.

I had another good session on Wednesday and did ten working singles with the Clean and Jerk and started with 115kg and ended with 130kg. Before this, I did three triples in the Hang Snatch with 90kg and after the Jerks, I did three triples with 130kg in the Front Squat which was nice and light. I finished off with presses and Pendlay Rows. On Thursday and Friday again, my lower back and hamstrings were still stiff and sore, but I felt a good bit better for today's workout.

Today I had ten working singles and I started off with 95kg in the Snatch; I then hit 100, 101, 102.5kg--it was supposed to be 102 but I put on a 1.5kg plate on one side instead of a 1kg plate--103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and I wanted the 110kg so I went for it and got it nicely. After my Snatches my lower back was very tight and a little sore. I rested for five minutes and started my Clean and Jerks and worked up to a double with 100 and a single with 110kg but I had to stop because my lower back was inflamed and sore. I can feel it is a bit of overuse, so I am not unduly worried.

Because I could not Clean and Jerk properly, I insisted on doing my Box Squats and simply did not sit back as much. Last week I hit four reps with 150kg and today I hit 5 reps with 152.5kg which was hard, but I got it. I was
sore afterwards, but I really wanted to squat and keep my numbers ticking over. I will do some contrast hot/cold work on my back and go a little mad with fish oil and ginger to help reduce the inflamation.

Have a look at my Snatches below and leave any constructive feedback that you think can help. As a reminder, Glenn Pendlay and Jon North are coming over to ECB on March 23rd to give a Wednesday night seminar on learning the Olympic lifts and also how to improve for intermediate and advanced lifters. There are also five or six places left in the Edinburgh two day seminar that weekend. Email to book your place.


Sean Flanagan said...

Great work Barry, you make it look easy

Anonymous said...

your posture in the starting position actually did get better. Well done!


Nick Horton said...

Good stuff, man. I've been really workin' the back arch myself. Watching all the Chinese vids makes an impression after a while.

Anonymous said...

When you got to the heavier attempts of >103kg, it looked like you began losing your patience and jumping just a moment too early. Maybe try thinking of keeping your torso over the bar for as long as possible.

Nice lifting though.

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