Monday 31 January 2011

ECB echelons

Here is the new East Coast Barbell video I made. Our beginner weightlifting classes are going really well and all the lifters are improving rapidly, so if anyone is interested, email to join up. I hope you like it:

Along with my friend Cedric Unholz, I have also organised for Glenn Pendlay and Jon North to come over and do a seminar in ECB on Wednesday, March the 23rd from 6-10 pm. This is going to be amazing and the cost of the seminar is €120. I only started to let people know about it today and already we have 8 places out of 20 booked. We are limiting it to 20 people because we want it to be an optimal learning environment. That weekend on March 26th and 27th we will be hosting a two day seminar in Edinburgh and this will be a more in depth look into how Glenn trains people. There are only 8 places for that left though. If anyone has any interest in attending either seminars, email me at in order to book your place.

Here is a video of Jon Snatching 155kg; he has actually hit 160kg in competition. Jon will be demonstrating Glenn's coaching methods and will assist in helping to coach others.

In other news, I had a good session today. Today focused on the Snatch and I worked up to 12 singles with one and a half minutes between each lift. I started with 95kg and went up in one kilo increments until I hit 102kg which I stayed on for four reps and I finished up with a really comfortable single with 103kg. Here is a video of my last lift:

I then did my RDL's and Box Squats and saw an improvement in both. A good session tonight and I felt even more comfortable with a slightly narrower grip again.


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