Friday 21 January 2011

Friday's fringe benefits

What are the benefits of massively reducing training volume? You guessed it. A fresher, happier lifter. I needed an extra download week than I had originally planned because the previous weeks were demanding training wise, but work and the gym were far more demanding. Training stressors are easy compared to life stressors, so one of the main things I have learned over the last two and a half years of training in the sport of weightlifting, is that when you need to take a step back, do it. There is no plowing ahead when you have responsibilities above and beyond weightlifting. The ego finds it very hard to take, because you read everwhere that you just have to get on with it and fight the good fight. I have tried this so many times you would not believe. It has always meant that I end up taking two or three steps back rather than the planned one step that facilitates future improvement.

I trained twice this week and worked up to two singles in the Snatch with around 85% of my training max (97.5kg) but I know I will lift far far more in competition tomorrow. I then did the 5x5 in the box squat and did not start where I left off two weeks ago--this is another mistake I have made so many times-- and I have doms in the upper hamstrings two days later. You have to love the box squats: they do exactly as they say on the tin. I finished off with a step loaded 5x5 in the press.

I only Clean and Jerked 120 yesterday and it was a rushed session because we were busy in the gym. Again I will probably end up opening with around 137/138kg on Saturday. I always lift far more in competition than I do in training; I love competing and the emotional arousal cannot compare with training.

I have my first competition of the season tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. It is not an important competition and ideally I would have had a regular training week rather than another download week, but I had to make a priority call. I still trained twice and kept the intensity up, but dropped the volume completely. I feel great coming into Saturday, but also for my next training phase coming up where, you guessed it, I will focus on getting stronger and getting more consistent with the rhythm, tempo and positioning of my lifts.

To finish off with, this is the kind of gym I want to train in:


Anonymous said...

What are your up-to-date thoughts on soft tissue work? Both self work and therapist work. Worth the effort?

CathalByrd said...

The guy who got kicked out for grunting is definitely clean... NOT!

Barry said...

Hi Colin,

Soft tissue work is always benefical, but I think moderation is key. Sometimes people go overboard and continuously break down their muscle fibers and don't let them recover from their training and their soft tissue work. I need to do more of it myself but three times a week would be enough for me I think. I would love to be a ble to afford three massages a week but sadly I have to use the cardboard roller and the hockey ball!

Anonymous said...

Barry, how would you time the timetable of soft-tissue work, to the training session of the particular muscle group. eg quads to the squat session?

Barry said...

I just go by feel Colin. Whatever is tight and needs to be released is what I go for. For me it is usually all around my hips, quads, IT bands and calves. I use the hockey ball for hips and around my upper back/lats etc.

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