Saturday 29 January 2011

Saturday's splurge

Life kicked my ass this week and I had to alter my training accordingly. Competitions always drain me and last Saturday was no exception; my hip was quite sore also and I had an extremely busy week work wise. Therefore, I had to alter my training and drastically reduce volume. This was not ideal because I wanted this to be my first week in my month cycle, but my hip hurt and I could not have Snatched properly anyway. Here is one good thing I did on Thursday though: a bodyweight Clean grip Snatch. The higher hip position did not hurt so I went for it:

I still got my squats in and I got some work done, but not what the plan was. I found it hard to take a few steps back and listen to my body; over the last two and a half years I would have simply gone on training and done whatever I could push myself to do. This never worked out for me though, so I ended up in a better place today because of the change in pace and I ended up having a good session.

Because my hip still hurts when it is at the end range of motion, I decided to move my Snatch grip back to where it use to be, but a finger width wider. This put my hips in a pain free position and it also felt great lifting from the narrower grip again. As in very very great. I started the day off working up to doubles with 80, 90 and 100 and I missed a single with 105kg. Something felt slightly off though and I could not pinpoint it. I was very loose off the floor. I went back to 100kg and really focused on tightening up my scaps and upper back and this proved to be the winning coaching cue for the day. I ended up Snatching 100kg for ten singles very comfortably and actually brought my tenth single down to the hang and did 3 consecutive Hang Snatches with it after the full Snatch. I have never done this before, but I saw a few of the guys in Cal Strength do it and I had to have a go.

After that, I worked up in the Clean and Jerk determined to so something I had never done before, which was Clean and Jerk 130 for a double--quite embarrassing really. I started off with a few doubles with 70kg and then I did singles with 90, 100, 110, 120 and I went up to 130kg. I hit it for a double, but I pressed out the second Jerk so I did it again and actually hit a third Jerk with 130 after getting my double. It was outrageously pressed out and I nearly broke my back bringing it down, but I got it. This left me gasping though and definitely affected my squats. I only hit 150kg for four reps in the Box Squat which is better than two weeks ago, but I really should have gotten the five reps.

So, where does this leave me? I am really enjoying training again and I am really looking forward to the competition on February 19th in Coolmine. I talk to Sami, Wayne and Harry and we will decide togther exactly where to go with my training. I know the tempo training is really helping my lifting and I know thatmy squat program is also working because my hamstrings are getting stronger and even though I am kitten weak in the box squat, I am improving.

My biggest issues are sleeping earlier and therefore recovering and dedicated training time during which I don't coach anyone--it is very hard for me to do this because I love coaching, as in, I REALLY enjoy coaching people. Not in a creepy way though. The learning process fascinates me and I love how everyone learns similar principles in a different ways. Example being Eamonn, a Crossfitter who came to East Coast Barbell today for a visit. He was a Power Snatch lifter and when he Snatched to depth, he split Snatched. Within 30 minutes he was fully Squat Snatching with more than he had Split Snatched and his technique was actually very good. I coached him in a completely different way to how I have ever coached the Snatch before, but it seemed to suit him and he learned very quickly, which says more about him than me though! Dee also visited and how we worked together was completely different. She lifted very well and is making great strides in her lifting despite the fact that she is going down in weight classes. Ed also came and lifted more than he has lifted in 9 months. Ed and his awesome beard are awesome. It was a pleasure having them lift in in ECB.

For anyone interested, ECB is trying to promote weightlifting and we hold beginner weightlifting classes on Monday and Wednesdays from 6.30 to 8pm. We only charge €40 for 8 sessions, so be sure to take advantage of the offer and pop down to learn more about an incredible sport that has an enormous effect on training for other sports also.

Have a look at my video below and leave any constructive criticism you can:


Anonymous said...

Well I guess one point is obvious and that is your lower back in the starting position. Probably you have heard already many tips how to proper arch your back, but maybe this artikel is worth reading for you anyway:

Anyways always nice to read your blog. Keep up the good work!

Barry said...


This is my eternal issue, but I am working hard to fix it. I read that article a few days before and actually did what he said to do. I found it helpful today. Thanks for the kind words.


Anonymous said...

you also seem to have a tendency to receive the bar on your toes, in both lifts. your jerk also leaves the bar slightly out in front of your ears as well and needs to move back into the slot behind the ears. your dip before your jerk drive should also be moved back onto your heels, your weight is forward over your toes leaving out valuable and powerful hip extension. those are a few things i noticed, but it is difficult without being able to watch in slow motion.


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