Tuesday 4 January 2011

Tuesday's trinket

This is a very short post due to time constraints. A while back, John Broz asked me to take down the interview with Pat Mendes because he was looking for some big sponsors; the sight of Pat cursing and discussing steroids was not ideal for these circumstances, so I took it down for him. I decided to put the full thing back up on my blog however, because this will not be as widely spread--as is nine and a half people read this blog--and Pat actually has a very interesting story to tell, so here it is:


seand said...

great interview, thanks for sharing

Stephen said...

might want to reconsider having it up there as people are starting to discover the blog!


Anonymous said...

From what I hear Broz has basicallty withdrawn from the internet because of abuse, so I reluctantly recommend taking this video down. Let's not antagonise the man who's got a lot to offer us if we don't mistreat him.

Q said...

Thanks for putting it back up, Barry. I have been wanting to re-watch this interview for months. Regardless of whatever people choose to think, the kid works his ass off and is an inspiring lifter.

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