Sunday 6 March 2011

Fortune favours the brave

I had an interesting week's training in which there were vastly varying energy states to work off. More importantly, here is something to help you enjoy life:

Even if you can't view these clips in work, please watch them later. They are impossibly funny; and yes, they are more interesting than anything I have to say.

For Monday's session, I had was feeling good but not particularly sharp, I warmed up with the Clean and Jerk up to two Cleans and one Jerk with 100kg and then Snatched 105kg. I moved onto the RDL and worked up to a very strict triple with 125kg which I was happy with and then did three triples with 150kg in the Box Squat. There were no impressive numbers in my session at all, but I was happy enough because I was not feeling too hot.

I spent most of Wednesday in a car or sitting down which was not ideal for training the following day. I had another good session with trying to get myself fixed and the following day I was knackered. I worked up to a double in the Hang Snatch with 95kg and missed the third behind. I then worked up to 130kg in the Clean and Jerk and it felt far too heavy for the actual weight. I got it, but it as ugly as sin. I left out the Front Squats and did my Pendlay Rows working up to 90kg for five reps.

On Saturday, I worked up to 100kg in the Snatch but they felt very slow and I was feeling a little feint, so I started up again from 60kg and did singles with 95kg, 102.5kg, 107.5kg and 112.5kg which was the most I have lifted in training in quite a while. Since April or May I would think. In the Clean and Jerk I worked up to 135kg which was disappointing, but I accepted it and am determined to turn it around. My squats did not go to plan. I wanted three reps with 170 and I only got one. Annoying but I will get it next weekend. Here are my Snatches from Saturday:

Next weekend, the Irish weightlifting squad is having a training camp in East Coast Barbell on the Saturday and Sunday so I will be sure to train accordingly as I want to lift some big ass weights when it counts.


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