Monday 28 March 2011

Monday's mission

Last week was like an episode of the Twilight Zone: it was surreal, passed by in a blur; and a few crazy things happened. As some of you who read this blog already know, Glenn Pendlay and Jon North of California Strength were over in Ireland and ECB for a few days, and then Edinburgh for the weekend. ECB hosted a seminar with Glenn on Wednesday evening and then the awesome Sport's Performance gym in Edinburgh hosted a two day seminar with Glenn and Jon on the Sturday and Sunday. To say both seminars were awesome would be an understatement. When I have the time, I will make a video of the last week and include some of Jon's lifting as well as comment on what I learned from Glenn in both seminars.

Here is what I lifted last week:

Monday was day one of my new program,I which I shall write about soon. I Snatched, Clean and Jerked and Front Squated and kept all weights at a medium intensity in order to accomodate what I knew would be a big lifting week and a stressful organisational one also.

We had our seminar in ECB on Wednesday and along with everyone else, I did all the learning progressions that Glenn coaches and I Snatched alongside everyone who attended. Jon North hit 155/180kg and just barely missed 161kg. Wayne hit a sweet 105 as did I. Considering how tired I was, I was happy and I left it there. I did a few Cleans with the progression that Glenn reccommends, did a double with 100 and left it there. When 100kg feels heavy, that is when you should stop!

On the Thursday, most of our ECB lifters trained with Jon and Glenn. They gym was buzzing to say the least. I was tired from the week's exertions and from the very little sleep the night before, but if you can't get up for training with these boys, you deserve to be shot! I Snatched 114kg and then missed 116 twice. I tried to hit a double with 110kg four times, but I missed the second rep each time. There was simply not enough in the tank. This was the most I have ever hit during the week, though, so I was happy. I then Clean and Jerked up to 136kg and I was proper spent. Happy, but wrecked. Everyone trained really well and watching Jon Power Clean and then Full Clean and Jerk 160kg is always inspiring to watch.

We flew over to Edinburgh on Friday evening and the seminar was really well organized by Cedric Unholz. Again, I did all the learning skill progressions and I was looking forward to lifting. In the Snatch, I went up to 105kg but I was feeling a bit off, so I went back down to 90kg and then 97.5, 102.5, 107.5, 110, 113.5, 115, and once I hit 117.5kg, I left it there. I knew that my final single was dragging me out of position quite badly and to be honest, I could feel it from the beginning of the session. It was a tiring week and whenever I am fatigued, my positioning suffers quite a bit. I accepted this from the beginning and just got determined to use every last inch of my pull and hip explosion to get the weight up. 117.5kg is the most I have ever lifted in training, and I know that if I can hit that in training when tired, I can hit over 120 in competition when I am more rested. I dropped back down to 110kg and went for a double which has eluded me since I tried it in California Strength last June. It took two attempts, but I got it. It was as ugly as sin, but I got it. I felt immense relief to finally get this double.

I Clean and Jerked after the seminar was over and I hit 140kg on my second try. I missed the Jerk in the first attempt because I rushed it. 140kg has been my voodoo weight for the last few months despite my pb being 147. No idea why, but I was genuinely scared of lifting the weight; my mind was desperately telling me not to go under it despite my rational self completely disagreeing. Sami gave me a few choice words and thankfully I hit it. The following day I Clean and Jerked up to 135kg and I was not able to put the doubt out of my mind and I ended up missing the Clean with 140kg. Oh, well. I don't have all of my lifts as I was too busy lifting and coaching:

So, I got home late last night and I think this week will be a deserved lighter week. I know I am looking forward to it. More than likely most of you reading this are only interested in funny videos and not my inner dialogues, so I shall oblige accordingly. I will put up reviews and reports of both seminars and all will be well.


Anonymous said...

You never seem to use straps when you snatch, I understand people never using them if they drop off when they they come to compete, but as you seem to snatch better in comp why not try them in training?


glenn pendlay said...

I think Barry doesn't use straps cause his hands are so damn strong!!!

Barry said...

Hi Rhod,

I have tried using straps a few times and I find them very uncomfortable to use, unless it is for pulls. It is my understanding that people only use straps to save their hands; I only train three days a week, so my hands are fine.

Also, as Glenn has pointed out, my grip is very strong so that will never be a problem. The only time I have ever impressed him was when I told him I have closed the number 3 Captain of Crush Gripper with a credit card and also when I told him I lifted a replica Inch dumbell in Charlie Hamiton's gym in Kilmarnock from the floor one handed and I was also able to Jerk it one handed also. My forearms were killing me the rest of the day and for four days afterwards!

David Rogerson said...

Crazy hand strength Barry. I noticed how hard you were gripping the bar when you cleaned, actually.

Its funny, straps feel a little odd to me when snatching, almost as if I am dissociated from the bar. One of my training partners who is a very good 69kg lifter over here, looking for Olympic qualification this year, finds that they really knock his form off, feeling that they affect how he rotates.

glenn pendlay said...

Barry you do yourself a disservice... You also impressed me with your ability to park a car in a tight spot!

Joking aside, I do admire a strong grip above almost any other physical quality.

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