Friday 16 July 2010

Friday's flippant schedule

Well, I was supposed to train today, but the pressing needs of East Coast Barbell had to take precedence and I had to take it on the chin. We are aiming to open informally on Monday and get the ball rolling, so all are welcome of course. Once we get ourselves properly established, we will have a decent official opening with krystale champagne and copious amounts of strippers for people of every persuasion. I am supposed to train with Byrdie and Wayne tomorrow in Hercs, but I am not sure I will be able to make it. Hopefully I can make it for the last hour of the session! Among other things we are working on our website and once that is up and running, myself and Zag will take over the world and turn into the people that you always knew we were: bastards.....

Here is a little compilation of two back exercises that Glen showed me to help improve my back strength, which was something Tom Bruijen also told me I needed to work on. Thankfully I am doing just that and not being a complete moron--only a partial one....


The Iron Maven said...

So what aspect of your lifts suggest that back strength is the weak link? And how would you measure progress with back strength? I'm always curious when people say they lack back strength.

Barry said...

Hi Tracy,

My back tends to be the first thing that gives up on me when I am pushing either intensity and volume; I tend to lose the ability to stay as tight as I need and this was massively prevalent in California. Glenn Pendlay was of the opinion that I needed to improve my back strength while John Broz told me I needed to vastly improve my hip mobility in oder to use my back optimally. I think they are both right so I am working on both.

Also, since I have been doing some supplementary work I have realised that my back is actually quite weak. I have noticed this while being fresh as a daisy also, so it is not simply when in a fatigued state.

I would measure progress by observing how it can tolerate the increased overall workload most importantly and also whether I progressing in either volume or intensity for the supplementary exercises. At the moment it feels like I am improving, so I am happy to stick with it.

You are an experienced coach Tracy, do you have any feedback?


Anonymous said...

Brian has all of his lifters do bent over rows from the start of the 2nd pull position. I've done years of this. I have my lifters do this also to strengthen their backs early on.

I haven't done this in years myself, I don't feel that my back is weak. I felt not amazing on Saturday on the Cleans though! Probably the dieting down and 2 weeks after the British...didn't seem to affect me on the Snatch, where the load is less.

I'll probably do some bent over rows and the rows you had. Regi was a big fan of pedley rows!


Me said...

Could you publish this video to your YouTube channel, please? This is far superior to all other Pendlay row videos I've found, even the one that Glen himself made. I have a YouTube playlist that I send to people wanting to see proper form for some basic barbell exercises, and I would love to add this to it. Thanks.

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