Tuesday 27 July 2010

Tuesday's tactical maneuver

As some of you may have guessed, I have been a busy bee as of late. Here is the reason why:

Here is something else to watch: Byrdie making 150kg his bi%ch:

As for my training, I finished the first three weeks of the program and for the next two weeks, I am on a slightly different schedule. I posted my program in a comment last week and I will copy it here:

It is very very basic. For July and August I will be training with greater volume in the classical lifts and the squats and this will be the case with September also. In October I will start to drop a small part of the volume and increase the intensity and this will occur in November again so that I am ready to go for December.

My program is just as basic. It is five days:

Day one and three: 80% for six doubles in the Snatch and CJ and 8x3 in Front Squat one day and 6x2 the other.

Day two and four: 85% for six doubles in Snatch and Clean and Jerk and 6x2 and 8x3 in Back Squat. In the first four days I do some back strengthening work also.

Day five: Snatch, CJ and Front Squat to max of the day and then back down in Front squat to 1x2@90% and 2x3@80%.

For the next two weeks I am still lifting five days a week, but there will be slightly less volume. Today I went up to six doubles in the Clean and Jerk with 120kg and then eight triples in the Back Squat and my legs were ready to fall off by the end. Tough love, but I know it will help. I felt very rough throughout the session and I know last week took a lot out of me, but I will adapt because there is no other choice. Tomorrow's session will be the 85% day for six doubles in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk and the Front Squat. I can't wait.


Iain R (From Aberdeen) said...

Super-impressed with both the gym & Cathals lifts. When do the East Coast Barbell Training Camps start?!

Harry said...

Great gym, great people, great PB. I think it's a portent of things to come that on your first day open Byrdy Clean & Jerked 150kg and squatted 210kg. I see great things for you on the horizon!

Great choice of music too; really made me want a G&T!

Barry said...

Thanks for the great feedback. Cathal's lifts were pretty awesome and there is more there to boot. 150kg needs to become a weight that he can hit every time he truly goes for it. I knew the song would be appropriate!

Ian, having an ECB training camp is something I will go at length to achieve and I will keep everyone updated.

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