Saturday 31 July 2010

Saturday's start up

Training went well this week, but as the intensity dipped ever so slightly in the Classical lifts, the volume and intensity increased with the squats. This made my legs and the rest of my body sore and grumpy. I had a day off on the Friday and I did a little bar work and very light Hang Cleans in order not to stiffen up for today's session.

This week in particular has led to feeling sore and stiff in the mornings, particularly in the legs and even the hand muscles! I can feel the benefits already and as I have been told: " If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!" I did a little warm up session with Byrdie and after a nice stretch, worked up to 70kg for a triple and then a single in the Snatch. Half an hour later, we started the main session, but only after the legend that is John McDaid walked in and on a random request Benched 160kg after not training for the previous month!

Byrdie worked up to a solid 107.5kg in the Snatch and then went up to 145 for a single in the Clean and Jerk. He jumped straight to 152.5kg which is 2.5kg over his pb and got under the bar, but it was slightly out front and he could not rack it. He worked back up to 145kg again and ended up squatting 200 for a solid single, down to 180 for four and 160 for a triple. I worked up to a single with 110kg which I was happy with considering I felt like tripe. I ended up completely wasted for the Clean and Jerk, but I got my back work in and left it there. A good week's training and I have one more of the same program before I go back to three weeks of what I started with. Writing it now makes it seem daunting, but I know I will adapt and get on with it. I definitely believe in myself and I know I will continue to get stronger and consistent.

Here is a video of two of the teams training in East Coast Barbell this week:

Here is a brilliant advertisement that really satirises popular marketing techniques. Who doesn't love a bit of comeuppance?

This is is also memorable:

While we are on the satire buzz:


Anonymous said...


Love what you're doing over there with ECB. It's exciting times for Irish weightlifting. I want to get Kris and Mark involved in the squad training if possible? Both lads are doing the SE U23 on Saturday...

A question regarding your program. Why does the max session immediately follow two days of high volume training. Surely it would be better to insert a rest day before it? You've got to be fresh to go heavy!


Barry said...

Hi David,

The max of the day session was after a day of rest and the other four days in my program are all high volume--at least high volume for me that is. When I was over in Vegas with Broz, he was telling me how he should have had more volume in his training and he thinks this would have prevented a few of his current injuries holding him back. There is not one weightlifting team or elite coach in the world that advocates training in a fresh state, so I am afraid I have to disagree with you there David. I do not feel sprinting and weightlifting are similar activities and can be trained in the same manner.

As far as I am aware, you have to be invited to attend the squad session, but I have no hand in this I am afraid. The camp in March was more laissez-faire, but Wayne is organising this one, so I am not really sure what the processes are. I hope the lads lift some pb's on Saturday, so good luck. Looking forward to meeting up with you boys soon.


Jim said...

Barry, I love the gym awesome job!!!!!

One quick question, "You going to paint the place?"

Jim Moser

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