Thursday 5 August 2010

Thursday's thought process

I am through the hardest part of the training week now and it is still going well. Last week it was my legs that were sore from the higher volume of squatting, and now it is the joints that are a little sore. I was talking to Glenn Pendlay and telling him how my training is going and he made the basic point that you should be continuosly adapting in different ways because you should be always striving to train harder and get the body to lift more than ever before.

This is what is happening to me and it is very interesting to say the least. First it was my back which was fighting to get me to stop what I was doing. Then it was my legs. Now it is my hands and hamstrings. I am genuinely interested to know what it will be next. Glenn has told me a few times that my posterior strength is shambolic, so that is why I work on it after every session, building up the weight and reps of my exercises slowly but surely. I can feel the benefits already and coupled with my program that is already improving my consistency with the lifts, I know I am improving. I can feel it and when I adapt to the volume more my lifts on the max sessions will steadily rise. Every week I go up a kilo or two in one of the lifts and I will get my training lifts up to where they are in a rested state. I always lift more in competition, so then I will be in a good place to go further than I have before.

This is my grand masterplan to rule the universe and actually make a decent lifter out of myself. I have glaring weaknesses, but I am stubborn enough to continue learning and evolve as a lifter and person. I have a lot more in me to come out on the platform and once I get consisent in my technique and far stronger in my weak areas, my numbers will go up. Patience is what I have learned in this training program and I will not let a few days of letting my ego run riot ruin my progress over the last five weeks.

Have a look at this incredible video. This is a not so subtle metaphor for how I was training...


Anonymous said...

Now take 2 x Asperins.

Anonymous said...

If a lifter is improving off 2 sessions a week why would he insert another training day? Take Kris Greene, when he started with me in February he did 70 and 90, he recently did 92 and 122 (69BW). Should I push him up to 5 or 6 days per week just because 'that's what elite lifters do'? At what point will I consider increasing the training frequency? Only when the current template fails to yield further progress. To do otherwise would be illogical.

I expect that he will do at least 110, 140 using the current template and that would put him in the top 3 lifters in Ireland. Perhaps when he wins Ireland's sole Olympic birth you will give me a little more respect.

You must be objective about your training. Don't simply look at what the best in the world are doing and assume you can do the same.


Anonymous said...

Re Kris Greene in your videos in March he did an 86Kg PS and a very easy 112 PC. 4 months ago he did an easy 120 pc and yet only 4 weeks ago struggled with a 122PC. It would be interesting to note Kris training history prior to your training.

Anonymous said...

Pls post a name of you want to comment.

Kris badly injured his wrist at the beginning of April and was unable to clean for almost 2 months. Prior to the competition on May 29th he had done only 2 sessions of cleans. He then went to Bulgaria for a fortnight at the end of June.

Injury permitting he will win the British U23 in October, the London Open in December and will be number 1 lifter in Ireland by the end of 2011. I don't fck around.


Anonymous said...

Obviously he is fairly strong for a 69kg lifter, but there are flexibility issues especially on snatch, and you might be suprised how long it takes him to snatch 110. Possibly by adding to his twice weekly routine it would speed up his learning process.


Anonymous said...

Richard Twine?

He does an extra technical session for the snatch on a Saturday but thanks for the 'tip'.


Barry said...


I was away at a wedding for the last day and a half, so excuse the late reply. I am not quite sure what response you are looking from me here: Kris is an Irish lifter and one hell of a nice guy, so how you think I would not want the best for him is beyond me. I hope his Rob Adell style mutant shark genetics come to fruition and he fully develops his potential. If he makes it to the Olympics, I will be there cheering him on.

In regards to your ideas about how to train for the sport of weightlifting, you are your own man and in all the time we have known each other, I have never once in any shape or form mocked or disrespected your views. In fact, I thought I promoted discussion by asking you to write an article for this blog. In the comments from the previous post, I simply stated that I disagreed with your opinion and why. Like you, I am entitled to my opinion.

As for the personal elements to the comments above, I am quite surprised. You embarrassed me by making a video and published it on youtube where you mocked both my approach to weightlifting and also my personality. I took it in good spirit and even put up a link to my blog so people could see the funny side. You have also repeatedly made personal comments about how I train and I always took them in the spirit that they were intended: to make me rethink how I go about things.

I read your comment from the previous day and simply wrote that I do not share your opinion that one should train or go for maxes only when one is fully recovered. That was it. After I said this, I again invited you and all your lifters over to train with us in ECB. Where have you seen any animosity in this? I have always thought of you as a friend in the weightlifting world and I hope this will not change.


Anonymous said...

"Pls post a name of you want to comment."

Following by example. SM!

What about your own lifting and others? We all know those who are relatively novice to the sport and make rapid gains. So from February to March Kris gained 16kg on his snatch? Haha


Anonymous said...


I think people's comments have perhaps been misunderstood. DW is an opinionated guy who can often come across quite brash and his tone/style of writing can often be a little aggressive.

But as one of his lifters I can vouch for him and the fact that he lives and breathes the sport and does all he can to help his lifters and people he comes into contact with.

While different views arent always appreciated, I think its positive to be bouncing ideas off one another whilst we are all striving to become better lifters/coaches. I know from previous posts that while Barry doesnt always agree with him, he respects David's opinions and knows that DW puts them forward because he wants to help people.

Barry... The 'Anomolies' video that was made was not done to mock you. It was in fact a 'mickey-take' of DW and his 'Broz' like views on weightlifting and his advocating little else! It was actually meant as more of a tribute to your videos and the fact we have really enjoyed the ones you have posted.

Re Training at ECB... Would really like to get over in the next 6 weeks so would you be able to let DW the best dates to come over and train.


Anonymous said...

Isn't an 'extra technical session' inserting an extra training session?

Rhodri Thomas

Anonymous said...

Ahh, respect - isn't that what everybody wants? But respect is earned and not a given.
It's sad to read unethical comments made by a coach. These comments would be accepted from a lifter as that is the nature of the beast. All due respect the lifter in question is not a member of Weightlifting Ireland and has not competed within Ireland and therefore holds no ranking here.
I wish Kris all the best and hope he can live up to comments made by his coach and that he will compete in Ireland soon as would be great to have a lifter of his potential competing for Ireland. Comments like that will make a very interesting London Open. In Ireland we are more pro encouraging each other than boasting and let the bar and the platform do the talking!
wayne healy

CathalByrd said...

...Pretty much took the words right out of my mouth Wayne, so I need not comment too much...

But I will say that Irish weightlifting is a very welcoming community and we would be more than happy to have Kris more involved. He came to our last squad session and was welcomed with open arms, he would certainly testify to that. He has fantastic potential, and as you say David he could very well reach high standards in the Irish ranking list and maybe even compete internationally. But let's not be hasty... Potential is one thing, realising it is a completely different beast. I sincerely hope he does reach his true potential and starts to push our higher ranking lifters to even higher heights.

To make what could very well become a very dragged-out melodramatic story quite short... Let's just keep our heads down, train hard, compete well and encourage each other to reach our potential as a weightlifting nation. Our current circumstances are so much better than in recent years, so let's embrace it, be positive and keep the standard of weightlifting in Ireland ever-improving. But most of all, let's keep the current 'team' ethos strong. A lack of this team spirit is a major reason why we have failed in the past (too many individuals with bad attitudes...). I understand that weightlifting is an individual sport when it comes to competing alone on the competition platform and nobody can dispute that... But the process of training and improving as a lifter can be made more fruitful when carried out as a 'team' in a positive, energetic and friendly manner. An atmosphere like this is what keep people involved in the sport of weightlifting and to begin to exude a negative vibe will only be detrimental to the sport.

Anonymous said...

Sorry all, I had an especially bad yesterday...

Just let me say Kris is one of the nicest and most humble guys I have ever met. Basically the opposite of his coach! I sincerely hope my rants won't create any annimosity towards him.

I introduced him into the discussion simply to illustrate a point regarding training frequency but clearly the Woodso ego got carried away.

Wayne was right. When you're good enough, you don't have to shout and stamp your feet to prove it.

All the best guys.


Barry said...


At least we know people care about Irish weightlifting! As always, David, Kris and all their friends are always welcome in ECB as well as any other people who love weightlifting.


Anonymous said...

London Open,

Lets just say that it is going to be awesome!!!!!!!

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Baz, you didn't invite me to ECB? wtf?!!! :P

Respect? WHO gives a f0ck...all I care about is my lifting and the lifters I coach. I respect anyone that steps up to compete.

My goal is to lift a ridiculous amount of weight and get my lifters there. I want others to lift as well as they can so I can beat them at their best :)

Lets put the handbags down and just on with the training lads! f0ck I got to train tomorrow!

ZAG, can't wait until the London Open! It's going to be HUGE!


Anonymous said...

It was starting to get civil there for a minute. Barry will you please send out written invitations to all registered lifters inviting them to train at your facility, this will stop any poor souls feeling left out.????????

P.S Dont put the handbags down they might help overload the pull

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

I've been enjoying your interviews with John Broz, and looking at your blog.

I thought the following article which I have just written might just interest you (and indeed John, whose email address I can't find).

Best wishes,

Tom Greeves

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