Friday 20 August 2010

Friday's frying pan contents: my cns

This has been a download week and boy did I need it. Burning the candle in more ends than I knew were there can be exhausting. Starting up ECB aside, Wayne pointed out to me that I was being too aggressive with my program. Instead of doing the eight weeks continually working off my regular training max--a safe 110--I kept trying to push and inch the weights up week in and week out. Instead, the idea is to get through the program and strengthen all my tendons and ligaments; sharpen my consistency with the lifts and shore up on my physical weaknesses. My response was that there are worse things than being too ambitious; however, the reality is that I let my ego take over a bit and I have gotten a slap on the wrist from my cns.

On Thursday morning, I went to bed feeling fine and I woke up with a swollen ankle. How this happened is a mystery to me, but it happened. This has forced me to take a few days off training as it is swollen just on the outside of where the foot meets the ankle. I am already looking forward to next week and how fresh I am going to feel. I have two weeks left in my program and they need to be as productive as possible, so I will leave my ego at the door and follow the dictates of the program. I have said before--you'd think I would have learned-- that for me to succeed in weightlifting, I need an objective voice beside me because I can get wildly optimistic about what I can do. I would rather have this atribute than not, but one workout is part of a cycle and this is the skill I am learning at the moment. One workout should not take precedence over a week. Please leave any comments if you have experienced anything like this before so we can learn from each other.

Have a look at this video and see how it applies to you. I know it struck me as an essential truth when I watch it.


Franklin said...

Hi Barry, Sounds like you were teetering on the edge for just tad too long. It was actually nice of your ankle to point this out to you and with appropriate rest you will no doubt come back stronger than ever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,
Is that Irish temper getting the best of you? Seems to me that lifting heavy weights can be a frightening situation from the perspective of the lifter. It can also cause a huge adrenaline rush... in the effort to lift heavier and heavier weights a lot of lifters seem to turn inward and rely on self determination and rage, or they reach out to God in prayer -- either way, extreme weights can push people into a mental state you'd only see in life threatening situations.

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