Wednesday 25 August 2010

Wednesday's whittling away

I took off training for five days to rest and come back stronger and better than ever. My ankle got better and my hip also had more time to recover and I came back feeling pretty good and raring to go, so I trained on Monday. I worked my way back into the Snatches and my Cleans felt the best they have ever felt. I kept visualising Pablo Lara and him staying tight and getting under the Clean lightening fast. My Clean and Jerks were light and I stayed with 110 for six doubles. When I went to Front squat my hips had tightened up considerably and I thought the squatting would loosen them out which happens sometimes. It didn't.

After my fourth triple, I said to myself, lower the weight because I am not getting into the correct position. The weight was fine but my hips were not opening up properly. Then I said, no no, these are the tough sets you have to get through. March on and toughen up. Why did I not listen to my body? In the fifth set and on the last rep, at the bottom of the squat I felt a very tight pinch in my right hip, the one I hurt two weeks earlier. It pinches when I internally or externally rotate and it wraps right around my hip. I know this is a minor set back, but it is frustrating none the less.

I think that I will be able to keep training the classical lifts light but I will have to warm up carefully and take my time. Not sure about what kind of squatting I can do yet, but I will try and see what I can do. Either way, this is a minor road block and I know with patience and time I will come back stronger with a lesson learned (again!) to help protect me in the future.

Have a look at Byrdie's class new video:


Anonymous said...


You really must be sensitive when increasing training frequency. Skimming through your blog it seems you recently increased frequency, volume AND intensity!! Mills Law of Difference states that to objectively determine what works you must only change ONE variable at a time.

You state in an earlier post that one of the main reasons to employ this program was to strengthen 'tendons and ligaments'. The reality is that these types of programs actually have the opposite effect.

Think about the physiological effects of your current training week. On a Friday you're fatigued from Thursday. On Saturday you're even more fatigued from the accumulated effect of Thursday and Friday... and then you do a maximum session?

Consider, is your back lock best when you're fresh or when you're fatigued? When you're fatigued, technique deteriorates and when technique deteriorates you get injured.

I've said it before but before you can adapt you must first RECOVER. You have been training in a constant and deepening state of fatigue. Injury was really inevitable...


Barry said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Although I was better on this program than previously, I still failed to follow the dictates of the program to the letter. I tried to increase intensity when I should have kept it lower. I hav been training five days a week for the last four months or so, I hurt my hip because I kept trying to surge forward instead of listening to Wayne's advice. Silly, but before I used to burn out after two weeks. I got five weeks of very intense training but I needed to back off and I did not. Lesson learned.

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