Monday 9 August 2010

Monday's mediocre puching in the clock training session

There was an awesome atmosphere in East Coast Barbell on Saturday and our session turned out to be a good one. Here is a link to our website by the way. Here is a video showing some of the action:

I ended up having a decent day despite feeling like a broken spinning wheel. Byrdie hit 140, despite being a shadow of himself, so he should be raring to go next weekend. Thank God for the competitive spirit and guarana.... I worked up 10 singles with 100, 105, 110 and I got 112.5kg on my third attempt. Because I was tired I was slinging the bar up any way I could. I hit 140kg in the Clean and Jerk and this was the first time I have hit this number since May. The Clean was ugly but I got it. Again, the increase in lifting volume is draining, but I can feel myself adapting and getting more skillfull in the lifts. Every week, my numbers on the Saturday sessions have been steadily increasing to where they were when I was fresher. Next week, the Irish weightlifting squad will be having a two day training camp in ECB, so I want to get my numbers up again for that. Step by step.

Today's session was very hard and I was tired from a hectic weekend. Tom Turner came in to train with myself and Zag, so it was nice to have someone different to train with. My legs feel like they are about to fall off, but I still feel happy with my training. I am improving and I WILL qualify for the European Championships. Tomorrow I have six doubles with 100 in the Snatch and 122.5 in the Clean and Jerk. Love it.


Chris Theo said...

Barry, great stuff man. East Coast Barbell looks like a fantastic establishment and your dedication to the new training regimen is inspiring. Anyway, thanks for a solid, insightful blog that I come back to time and again--and the videos can't help but pump you up to train, great foo fighters jam in this one too.

Franklin said...

Hey Barry, your jerk at 2:30 looks fantastic .. great split position on the catch!

Barry said...

Thank you for the kind words gentlemen. It's easy to work hard when you are around the right people like I am; I hope you have the same luxury.

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