Wednesday 6 October 2010

Wednesday's wrath

I only have half a week left in my current program. The squatting is very tough, but I am getting stronger and that is the important thing. I only have one squatting workout left thank God and I will do it on Sunday. 15 doubles is a lot of doubles, but I am getting through it and more importantly, improving my numbers. I trust Wayne and I will continue to go along with his advice. Last week was a lighter week which proved a blessing because I was very busy all week and was taking the Weightlifting Level Two coaching course on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a competition on Saturday week which I am really looking forward to. I love lifting on the platform and I always lift well in competitions. This comp will be used to set me up for London where I will qualify for the European Championships with the needed 272kg total.

Here is the Clean and Jerk companion to last week's post where John Broz gives his advice to Zag for what he needs with his Clean and Jerk. There is also the latet ECB video, so hopefully you will enjoy all of them and you are enjoying your training.


The Everyman Olympian said...

Quality blog mate.
I'm on a mission to complete a challenge in EVERY sport in the Olympics before London 2012 and was lucky enough to get a competition weightlifter to train me for The Weightlifting Challenge:
I managed to increase my maximum C&J by over 50% within a month.
Keep the good work,
The Everyman Olympian

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