Wednesday 23 December 2009

Monday's marital breakdown

Monday was strange because I did not have the best lifting session, but then I did an hour of stretching with Alex and Emmett showing myself, Harry and Zag the quickest ways to getting flexible and it made my training day. I felt much better afterwards and completely re-energised after a session where intelligence got run over by stubborn ignorance.

Starting off with the Snatch, I was feeling quite fast and I was enjoying my lifting. Wayne was there for a while and helped myself and Zag with our Snatch and we both found this very helpful. I worked up to singles with 80 and 85 and then put 100 on the bar thinking it was 90. Halfway through the pull I thought to myself, this feels heavy! I missed it behind on the way up, but I really should have gotten it. I went back down to 95 and then 90 and left there. I only intended on going up to 90 or 95 because I was tired, but I was happy with how my catch felt. My back decided to ignore the straight lock I have been working on, but you can't get it right every day.

I went on to the Jerk off the rack and worked up to singles with 120, 125 and then I missed 130 three times and finally got it on the fourth attempt. I was Jerking it forward last night and like the Snatch, my technique was off slightly. I was getting stubborn and instead of taking my foot off the gas and leaving it at 110 or 120, I ploughed on ahead, learning nothing and just irritating myself all the more. But, if you don't make mistakes, how can you learn?

I continued in the same vein with my Front Squats and worked up to a single with 150 and missed the second rep. I dropped back to 130 for a double and left it there. I was fatigued and annoyed at my lack of self control, but the flexibility work really cleared my mind and perspective, so thank yo Alex and Emmett!

Have a look at the video below. Zag barely misses a 130 Jerk and hits 125 nicely for Jerk pr off the rack--he has Cleaned and Jerked 128 though. Tomorrow I am going to post a report written by Cathal Byrd about his visit to John Broz's gym while visiting Las Vegas.


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