Thursday 17 December 2009

Thursday's tango moments

I had not trained since Saturday's competition which is a rarity for me. I was looking forward to training tonight and was determined to have an equally rare "free" fun session where I could do what I want. Another lifter Alex trained with us tonight and she is a professional acrobat. She guided myself and Zag through through stretching at the end and I have never been through anything like it. It was so intense, I was feeling emotional. I kid you not. Anyway, more on that later, here is what I did:

I chose to forsake my usual prehab and flexibility and went straight into bar work.

Clean grip Snatches--1x2@50, 50, 50 1x1~70, 90, 100--I missed 100 twice and then got it. I then missed 105 twice, but I enjoyed going for it anyway. I have only ever done these once before and they were fun.

Clean and straight into Jerk--With these I cleaned the weight and Jerked straight out of the Clean recovery. It was fun and it meant that you had to put everything into the drive in the Jerk, particularly with the heavier weights.
1x1@50, 50, 70, 100, 110, 120, 130--I just missed the Jerk but I got it second time lucky. These were great fun also and they were a slightly different movement which actually put more reliance on skill than strength.

I did some light Front Squats and worked up to a double with 110 and a single with 130. My legs were actually quite tired from the previous exercise. Alex then stretched myself and Zag out in only two stretches, but they felt like they went on forever. It was the 7 stretch and the regular hip flexor stretch. She did slight variations on a traditional pnf model, but it was as intense a stretch as ever I have felt. I was happy to hobble out in the end.

I made a quick video of some of the lifts from tonight, so as always, please feel free to offer some constructive criticism.


Loretta Bice said...

Working as an acrobat is surely a regarded situation

Barry said...

They are fantastic athletes and I can most certainly learn a lot from Alex and Emmett.

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