Thursday 31 December 2009

Wednesday's wholesome snack of humble pie

I trained twice yesterday and enjoyed myself despite the lacklustre performance. I trained with Zag, Cathal and Alex again. I did a nice enjoyable morning session where I did my prehabs, my joint warm up, the power plate, some bar work and I power Snatched up to 70 for 3 singles. I felt great and was looking forward to the second session where I would see what happened.

I made the mistake of having a massive lunch which left me feeling sluggish. For whatever other reasons, I was not lifting in the zone and when 80kg felt heavy in the Snatch, I knew today would not be my day. I did 90, then missed 97 and then got it and I missed 101 twice. I should have stopped at 90 and worked on some technical matters or moved on, but I got stubborn. After seeing Byrdy Snatch 101 I was determined to get it even though my Snatch felt awful and different to how I normally lifted. On Birdy's advice, I went back to 60kg again and did some Power Snatches up to singles with 70, 80, 90 and then a Snatch with 95 which was rough, but better than my previous attempts. I left it there. If it is not happenning, accept and move on. Maybe next time I can move on earlier.

I then went onto some Front Squat and Jerks and worked up to singles with 100, 110 and 120. They felt easy, but like the Snatch, not in the groove. I left them there and then did three triples in the Front Squat with 130 to tie me over nicely. I finished off the session with more flexibility work with Alex and Cathal, focusing on the partner stretches and forced flexibility. We also did some soft tissue work on problem areas; mine being my glute meds and around that area and Byrdy's being his adductors. Have a look at the video and pay special attention to the first and last clips...


brendan said...

looks like a lot of fun!!!!!

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