Monday 7 December 2009

Saturday's Snipers

I just got back from a yoga class and I realised in the middle of the session just how tired I am from the weekend. It was a great experience overall and I am really glad that I went over. Myself and the rest of the lads had some great lifting and fun on the trip over to London for the Greater London Open on Saturday. Kevin D'Arcy hit a fantastic 130 Snatch and it looked like there was more in the tank. Cathal Byrd ground out a 138 Clean and Jerk that looked unsaveable and won the 77kg weight class. Nathaniel Callaghan hit 103/122 and barely missed a 107 Snatch. Eamonn Flanagan and Wayne Healy really helped all the lifters with their coaching and Wayne in particular helped me.

We stayed beside the competition venue in the Crystal Palace National Sport's centre. Cathal was first up for the weigh in and also to compete, so I joined him and did a light morning power up session around half nine or so which I felt immeasurably better afterward. I did a basic warm up, Power Snatched up to 70 for three singles and Power Cleaned up to 90 for a double and left it at that.

There were 16 people in in the 94kg weight class and in then end I came 6th. Kevin won it and Nat came 9th. Here is what I did:

Warm up--I felt great after the long wait and morning warm up. I felt really happy to be there and enjoyed everything about the competition. Wayne had me do Power Snatch+Full Snatch in the warm up because he later told me I was swinging the bar a lot and this combination removed most of the swing.

Power+Full Snatch--1x2@50, 50, 50, 70, 80
Snatch--1x1@90, 90, 100

Competition lifts:
1x1@105--This was very strange. I started the lift and for some reason, dropped the bar straight away. Because I did not raise it above the knee and I had a little less than ten seconds left, I Snatched it very easily for a shaky success. I was simply not focusing enough and Wayne was more than happy to express this.
1x1@111--This was far better and an easy lift.
1x1@114--This was my best Snatch by far because I was focused and aggressive, but still nice and relaxed. This was a 3kg competition pb and a 1.5kg pb from what I got in July.

Clean and Jerk--I was feeling a little off coming into these: my stomach was feeling off from the caffeine and sugar and my legs were not feeling as strong as I wanted. I had a quick warm up:
1x1@70, 70, 70, 100, 115, 125
Competition lifts
1x1@136--I actually had to wait a log time between all my attempts and my first lift was easy, but not as secure as I would have liked.
1x1@141--This was my longest wait of around ten minutes or a little more and my clean was light, but ugly. I missed the Jerk when all I needed was a little more drive.
1x1@146--I wanted to go for the 260 total. I cleaned it and just missed the Jerk. It was a far better lift than the 141, but what can you do. I simply did not have it on the day. That little bit of drive in the Jerk was just not there.

After the competition I was wrecked, but happy with my Snatch pb and my Clean pb. I was close to my goal of 260kg, but I know I can get it next time I go for it. I learned a lot over there. The new environment was demanding and the sheer amount of lifts taking place was staggering. There was two platforms with lifters competing simultaneously, so focus and concentration was needed. It was a far cry from domestic Irish competitions and the experience will do me the world of good. Unfortunately, I have no videos of any of my Snatches, but below are the videos I have: Cathal's lifts and my Clean and Jerks. Thanks again to Wayne who really helped me out and all the English lifters that were so obliging.


Anonymous said...

Great lifting Barry. 120, 150 doesn't look too far off for you.

The Irish boys certainly showed us how it's done. Thanks to Cathal for trying to rescue a desperate situation.

Sorry for not sticking around. Suffice it to say, I was pretty gutted! My warm up was totally fucked: 110, 110, 120, 120, 110, 120, 120 then platform!

Next time...


Thomas Turner said...

Hi Barry

Great to meet you up in Jordanstown.

You're getting through some good lifting, unlucky with those jerks, thought you had them!

Keep up the good work, the blog is excellent.


Shane McQ said...

Great lifting Barry, the cleans looked very easy, I'm sure the jerks will come with time.

Should see you at the Herc's open this weekend if you're lifting.

Talk soon


Thomas Turner said...

Hi Barry, I got your text, I'm out of credit and changing phone tomorrow so not topping up! Thanks for the offer, much appreciated. Unfortunately I won't be making it though, I am in no state to lift big at the minute, a few technical issues in the snatch to iron out first plus a bit of a/c pain to deal with. I have also agreed to play rugby on Saturday! But all the best with it and I'll keep an eye on it.
Training going well? How often are you actually training per week?


brendan said...

well done Barry, great snatch
Tell me this. With the 10 minut gap between lifts in the clean and jerk, did you do any more warmup lifts in between?

Barry said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Brendan, I did nor have any lifts in between my attempts because we were never quite sure when I would be lifting again. Sometimes people would miss and then repeat the lift etc.

Tom, I have been training five times a week for the last while, but the week before London, four times and twice the week of the competition itself.

Shane, I am looking forward to having some fun in Hercs on Saturday, so see you there.

David, there is way more in the tank for you. Myself, Sami, Cathal and Paudie are all booked up to go over the morning of the second for five days of training mayhem, so make sure you are fresh my man.

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