Thursday 12 August 2010

Thursday's tail wind.

The Irish National weightlifting squad is having a training camp this weekend and it will be hosted by East Coast Barbell. I had a bit of a mad weekend and this ended up not allowing me to recover from a tough week's training. I ended up training ok on Monday, but on Tuesday I hit the wall and I got a sore hip, which I think came about from all the flexiility work I was doing coupled with all the driving after the weekend.

So, it's no big deal: all I am doing is backing off a few days and training very light active recovery sessions to keep the blood flowing. I think I may have needed a lighter few days anyway, but the weekend I had made this a necessity. I know I will be fine for Saturday's session and I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday immensely. I am predicting some big lifts from the guys coming down.

I would also like to mention that the Irish women's rugby team are leaving for their World Cup on Monday and that I know they will play their hearts out and kick ass. They have worked so hard for this and they are an inspiration to be around. Sinead Ryan hit a 55kg Snatch last night and it was possibly the bravest lift I have ever seen.

Here is a video that could change your life:


Anonymous said...

'Bounce' by Matthew Syed

Buy a copy, I promise you it will change your life.


Anonymous said...

'The major difference between elite (figure)skaters and their less elite counterparts is not to be found in genetics, personality or family background. Rather it is to be found in the TYPE of practice. Elite skaters regularly attempt jumps BEYOND their current capabilities less elite skaters do not.
... The conclusion is as counterintuitive as it is revealing: top skaters fall over more often during their training sessions.... i.e. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure"

Barry said...

Hi David,

I have read the three books that Bounce was very heavily influenced by: Outliers, The Talent Code and Talent Is Overrated. They really did change my perception of how to train and coach, so thanks for the tip. I am looking forward to reading it. The principle you quoted is in all three but it is only one principle out of many that are espoused. Other principles would equally back up different methods of training, but as Kris said on Sunday: "there is no one right way to train!"

Anonymous said...

You're a well read man!.. I'm gonna track down those other books this week.


Marc said...

Great blog mate.

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