Monday 19 January 2009

A bit more clarification

I had a wonderful massage tonight that focused on my hip flexors, glute meds, IT bands, calves, hamstrings and quads. Everything feels looser now and hopefully my hips will not be as tight as they usually are, particularly the right one.

On a different note, I am a 94kg lifter and am 1.86m tall. Here are my best lifts to date:
Snatch--106 (In competition)
Clean and Jerk--131 in competition and 135 in training
Back Squat--170--fully ass to grass and without belt
Front Squat--150--as above

My coach, the honourable Harry Leech, has been increasing my lifting volume in the following ways: we have added a fifth session per week; we are squatting after most sessions now; we are simply doing more sets with slightly less intensity. It will take my CNS a while to adapt to the higher workload--my muscles on the other hand are used to getting bludgeoned to death as a rugby player and training fanatic over the years.

If you don't realise it I am based in Dublin, Ireland. There is a competition in the University of Limerick on the 7th of February and I am to get 108 in the Snatch and 135 in the Clean and Jerk. I know I can get these and that I am not overstretching myself. We will be training through the competition so that we can focus on the Senior Irish Weightlifting Championships on in the end of April, so that is the end goal at the moment.

After reading Cathal's post, I am going to try and focus on technique more in the warm up and when visualising outside the gym. This should allow for more focus and speed in the lifts themselves. Anyone that has any thoughts on this topic, please post.

I posted a video of Konstantinov, here is one from Sagir from 2004 when he won his gold medal. This looks like pure power, speed and athleticism rather than the technically sounder snatch of the former. Any thoughts?


LauraNolan said...

I agree about Sagir v Konstantinov, Sagir just seems to horse it up there whereas Konstantinov has such a perfect bar trajectory and drops under so fast.

I hadn't realised you'd upped it to five sessions a week, fair play.

Re not getting properly under your jerks - I've also been having this issue of late and yesterday I figured out that it might be tight upper pecs stopping me, do you get those looked at when you get massage done?

Barry said...

I will get them worked on in my next massage, thanks for the advice Laura/

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