Friday 23 January 2009

Friday's Frolics

I had a technique session tonight with no squats which was nice. This is what I did:

Jerk technique with the bar and 2 sets of Split Jerk with 40
Overhead Squats--6x5
Drop Snatch--1x3@bar, 40, 50, 60, 70
Hang Power Snatch--1x3@70, 75, 78x3--This was very tiring and demanding on the shoulder girdle.
Jerk skill work with 60kg
Jerk from the rack--1x1@70, 80, 90, 100, 105x4 singles--I was supposed to go a bit heavier but my shoulder girdle is still getting used to all the overhead work with the extra volume and sessions.
Static Flexibility focusing on the hips.

Here is a video of some of Gillian's Clean and Jerks and one of the powerlifting lads, Ger, who deadlifts 210 six times, despite the fact that he was a 75kg lifter!


Gill said...

Heh, seems Laura's not the only barker in the gym :p

Thanks for all the coach-talk Barry, I really needed a good session and this one was bang on. Mr. Motivator eat your heart out!!

Gill said...
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coach burgener said...

why would you want to do rack jerks with 105 for 4 reps? just curious. i have found that if i want to do more volume with my athletes i do more singles and rest shorter. does not hurt the shoulders. just my opinion.

coach b

Barry said...

Hi Coach B,
I actually did 4 singles of 105. I was actually supposed to do five singles of 115, but my entire shoulder girdle was shouting at me. My coach has me doing exactly what you suggest, but I was very tired from all the coaching I have been doing on top of my job and training so I was not able to finish the session properly. Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome the 210 one.
Where is this created?
A country maybe?

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