Wednesday 28 January 2009

Tuesday's titans

It was another tough but satisfying session. Laura got a training pr in the Clean and Jerk and I got loads of volume again, but not quite as much as last week, as this week is supposed to be as high in intensity but not quite as much volume. I did the following:

Jerk Skill with bar
Split Jerk--2x3@50
Power Clean and Jerk--1x1@60, 70, 80, 90, 100--These felt nicely locked in.
Overhead Squats--4x5 with loads of flexibility in between all the warm up sets and overhead squats.
Drop Snatch--1x3@bar, 40, 50
Snatch--1x2@60, 70, 78, 85x3
Clean grip pnf x2--This really helps keep my elbows level in the catch position. Mt left elbow had a slight discrepancy of a few inches and this exercise really helps. I will put up a video of it soon.
Jerk skill with 60
Clean and Jerk--1x1@60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 117, 122x3--The jerks were fast but not particularly locked in or technically sound.
Back Squat--1x3@90, 110, 130, 140, 150--I could not get through the sticking point in the third rep of 150. I had nothing left in the tank
Front plank with ab vacuums--4x30 on/off

Here is a video of one of Laura's Snatches and her pr Clean and Jerk:


Gill said...

Great lifting Matt!!

Laura Nolan said...

I'm not Matt, apparently I'm Lara now :)

CathalByrd said...

congrats on the pb Laura, very sharp!

Laura Nolan said...

Cheers. But god Cathal, I've rarely been further from sharp... Leech has had me start squatting 4x per week, it's been rather a shock to my delicate feminine constitution ;)

Still, it seems to be working, somehow!

Franklin said...

Congratulations Laura! Its all relative but you look awefully sharp to me.

As for squatting 4x week .. egads!

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