Sunday 28 June 2009

Saturday’s stale affair

The fatigue was bound to catch up with me and on Saturday it bludgeoned me into submission. This was gutting because I wanted to post some decent numbers in the max out, but it was not to be. Of course this is completely understandable because of the training volume of the last five weeks, but that is not the dominating emotion when you are disappointed. The great news is that I am really looking forward to training on Monday. I Snatched 100 pretty comfortably in the warm up, but I could not budge 105. It felt like every repetition and skill drill I have ever done went out the window and I simply forgot how to lift, even when I tried to Snatch 80 a few minutes later. It was not a lack of speed, but a complete lack of focus and co-ordination.

I decided to try my warm up with the Clean and Jerk and when I was not able to get near Cleaning 120—which is an easy Power Clean—I knew it was time to call it quits, so I put up my feet, swallowed my impotent frustration and had a beer, a burger and a dose of chillax. I felt pretty empty on Thursday evening after training, all day Friday and all day Saturday—particularly after the Lions’ heartbreaker of a game. The most annoying part is that these are all excuses and I did not adapt to the given circumstances. If I was that incapable, I should have handled the situation better than I did which was only slightly better than a spoilt seven year old only child who got a G.I. Joe action figure and not the Optimus Prime one, and ended up making himself puke to get attention and sympathy from parents who probably ended up laughing about it later. This is a little dramatic, but you get the message—I did not have the zen-like calm that Dabaya possessed in Bucharest when about to lift his medal deciding final Clean and Jerk, he was told it was not actually his turn. Dabaya got the lift and the silver medal. I got some ribs and a shut out. I have to learn from this and compose the emotions that are trying to kick the door down.

I asked Tom could I train twice on Monday because I did not max out on Saturday and that is fine. I am learning a lot from these early sessions and they are nice primers for the evening session where I shall see how I feel and maybe Snatch to what is possible on the day. All the toys will already be out of the pram, so there should not be an incident if all is not well in the state of Denmark. I will leave you with some freak athleticism that warms the heart.


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