Wednesday 17 June 2009

Wednesday's wear and tear

Today's session was tough and I was not quite as sharp as I have been the last few days. I still had a good session and the weights have continued to go up. I did not have time for an extended warm up and I worked in some flexibility in with some bar work and overhead squats. Here is what I did today:

1. Power + Squat Snatch: Work up to 87 for 4 x sets of 2--This was 2kg up from last time and they were of much better quality also. I focused on keeping the bar close and getting the vertical explosion in the second pull. Each set got smoother.

2. Cleans: Work up to 130 for 2 x sets of 2--I could only get the first rep in both sets, so I went back down to 120 for my last set. I did not quite have it in the tank for the doubles. There is a video of my first set below.

3. Front Squat: Work up to 155 for 3 x 2--This was my one rep max and I got two double with it and I missed the second rep on my third set. These were real grinders and it took a while to get through the sticking point on the second reps, but I was happy with them.

I was supposed to do a few sets of Snatch Pulls and the Press, but I was beat and running short on time so I left it at that. In the video below is Sami getting a double in the Clean with 110 which was his one rep max up till last Friday when he Cleaned 115.


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