Friday 12 June 2009

Thursday's take on the basics and Friday's fun

I had an enjoyable session and although it was lightish, it was still relatively tiring, because I played a full game of tag rugby after it and there were no subs! Here is what I did on Thursday:

Glute, hip and core pre-hab and bar work.

1. Power + Squat Snatch: Work up to 80 for 2 x sets of 2 and 1x2@85

2. Snatch Pull: Work up to 105 for 1 x set of 2

3. Cleans: Work up to 105 for 1 x set of 2

4. Front Squat: Work up to 135 for 1 x 2

5. Press: Work up to 1 top set of 3 reps of 75

I focused on going heavier in the Snatch because Tommy Hayden was there and he agreed to have a look at my technique. He is a great man for focusing on the basics. I need to work on extending fully and simply having a faster second pull.

On Friday I did the following:

Only bar work and Overhead Squats to warm up--I was short in time.

1. Snatch: Work up to 90 for 2 sets of 2 and 95 for a single. These were all pretty solid and they were technically fine but a little slow. Tommy was saying I still need to extend more and faster also.

2. Power Clean: Work up to 100 for 1 x set of 3--Light but I went heavier on the Snatch than intended and I left all the other movements very light because this is not supposed to be a particularly hard week.

3. Clean Pulls: Work up to 120 for 1 sets of 2

4. Back Squats: Work up to 120 for 1 x set of 5 reps--This was still tiring even though it was not heavy. I will be glad to see the back of 5 rep squats.

So that is the wrap up of my training week. Here is a video of Sami cleaning 115kg. This is a 5 kg pb for him. He had never cleaned over 110 before this and this was his fifth session of the week and last week he did ten sessions. He had also squatted a few sets for five reps around an hour and a half before this lift. Do you think there is more there?


CathalByrd said...

Good work by Sami. Definately much more there because that was a power clean. Maybe Sami would benefit from staying clear of power variations for a few weeks and focusing on full lifts only? This would help him to get more comfortable and more confident in the full squat position both for snatch and cnj.

Another approach could be to prioritise full snatches and cleans by doing them first and then do powers immediately afterwards. For example if he did a snatch session and went to 90kg or, drop back down 10-15kg and do power snatches. I find that doing this really makes the bar fly up having already felt heavier weight in the full squat snatch/squat clean. It can also keep the bar path very similar to the full lift as I sonetimes find that doing independent power variations can result in slightly different bar trajectories compared to the full lifts.

snatch_pete said...

Agree with Cathal, it was a power clean.

One other suggestion, to consider along with Cathals suggestions, is when working up through the weights I usually do 1 power clean and one squat clean and sometime with the lighter weights throw in a dead hang clean. Think it helps my brain to focus both on getting plenty of height in bar while also thinking about the speed under.

He should be able for a 120-125 squat clean easily.

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