Thursday 11 June 2009

Wednesday's watershed moment

Myself and Sami spent 40 minutes warming up with bar work, partner stretching and a glute, core and hip pre-hab routine. I shall be putting these routines up on the blog over the next week or so and I will have videos of each routine also. This was the first time this week I did not feel rough and inflexible and I was starting to feel relatively normal. Here is what I did:

1. Snatch: Work up to 90 for 1 single and I missed it first attempt because I was not extending up. Paralysis by analysis. I stupidly went for 95 despite the fact that I was not lifting well and I missed it and left it at that.

2. 1 Power Clean and 3 Power Jerks: Work up to 100 for 1 set of 3

3. Back Squat: Work up to 140 for 1 sets of 2

Here is a video of an excellent scapula pre-hab routine that only lasts 2 minutes and is fantastic. I would highly recommend this for people who have any shoulder bother--I have a right shoulder that is bothering me--or even people who are looking to pre-hab and avoid any future injuries.


James Hanley said...

Was that shoulder warm up stolen from my log on boards...?? I came across it 2-3 weeks ago and have been pimping it like a mad thing!!!

Looks like training's going really well. It's soooo long since I've been in Hercs :(

Barry said...

I found that video over a year ago and I posted it for people that may not have seen it. Hope your training is going well James.

James Hanley said...

Haha great minds must be thinking a like so!! It's pretty amazing eh??

Training's not going too badly. Pretending to be a weightlifter as part of my warm up these days.... Hang Power Cleans and Snatches make me feel like an athlete and not a fat powerlifter!!

Things seem to be going really well for you... Prep'ing(new word?) hard for the Leinsters??

Barry said...

I will be away for the Leinster Open but yes, I am in a Preparation phase. I am glad you are enjoying your training.

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me what you think of doing the shoulder rehab sequence without a bench ? ive tried it standing straight and bentover trying to mimick an inclined bench. would the benifets be greatly deminished?



great blog , lots of good info .

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