Sunday 20 December 2009

Saturday's slicing pain when getting stretched by Alex

I had another enjoyable training session today but I had to do a proper session because Harry was there. I worked on the things that are currently most important to me with my lifting:

1. Getting a flat back in my pull.
2. Improving my flexibility.
3. Getting my squat numbers up--This took a back seat over the last month because I wanted to have all available energy for the classical lifts.

I worked up to 90 in the Snatch for four singles and I focused on keeping my back flat. I simply need to remember to actively pull or curl the bar with my back the bar as well as pressing through the platform with the feet/heels. I also worked on getting more comfortable in the catch and stayed at the bottom for a few seconds each time to get more used to being there. Hopefully this can translate to me being more able to save lifts that are out of place. We'll see.

I worked on the Jerk from the rack, but my mojo was starting to go pretty rapidly so I stopped at 110. I am getting better at listening to my instinct, because I knew at the start of training when I was lifting 50kg that I was not that full of beans. Harry made me squat after and I'm glad he did. I did five triples with 140 which is usually very light, but felt damn heavy on the day.

As you will see in the video below, Cillian got a 5 kg pb in the Snatch and it did not look close to a limit lift. Alex is really improving with her natch and Laura has made a few subtle but effective changes in her technique also. Alex helped me stretch afterwards again, and it was very painful, but very worthwhile. It complimented the yoga session I did this morning beautifully and I can really feel my flexibility improving. My first set of overhead squats always feel relatively loose and I am gradually getting my feet wider in spacing.

As a bonus feature, here is a great video showing you how to make a foam roller that is actually better than the ones you can buy:


Anonymous said...

Dont forget about my offer of free foam rollers. My house is coming down with them!

Eamonn Flanagan said...

Thanks for the video. Its super nice.

Barry said...

How could I get them off you Colin?

Anonymous said...

I will give them to Shane Lawlor. I have about 15. They are thrown away in my work.

louie's owner said...

can you please include some video of your stretching sessions?

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