Tuesday 2 March 2010

Monday's mitching off squats

I had an extremely busy day yesterday so I had to fly through my session, leave out my squats in the end and drive down to Cork and back. It is the first week in my new program and it is relatively light to begin with. The focus is on relearning the Snatch with my new wider grip and to avoid overthinking while consciously improving technique. John McDaid was there with Tommy Hayden and they were giving a few pointers as well which always helps.

Snatch--4x2@40 1x2@60, 80 1x1@90 and then five singles with 92kg.

Snatch Pulls--1x2@90 3x2@95--I was doing these to get used to the first part of the pull. It has been months since I have done any pulls and I think they will get me into the right habits again I will them light and use them purely to work on the first half of the lift whilst accruing as little fatigue as possible.

Clean and Jerk--I worked up to three singles with 110 here and they felt great. I was supposed to do something slightly different and I only realised this afterwards.

It is always nice to start a new program and like I said before, I am going to get Zag and Harry's help in writing a more prescriptive program to avoid me doing things I shouldn't. The only way this is possible is to have complete faith in a program. When I am supposed to stay light, work on speed and technique. When I am supposed to go heavy, by God will I go for it.

Here is a brilliant video that Murph alluded to in what must be the best weightlifting blog on the planet. Weightlifting at its finest and a mixture of z list celebrities all rolled into one delightful package:


Eamonn Flanagan said...

Wow, you are not even hiding the fact that you rob all your material from let-it-rip-murph.

Barry said...

It would be pointless Eamonn. Everyone knows Murph is the pioneer for Irish weightlifting and its representation online.

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