Thursday 11 March 2010

Thursday's touting

Today's session went really well and I needed it. It is the first time my back has started to get to a reasonable shape when lifting in my new Snatch grip and this makes me happy! I did my usual warm up with bar work, power plate, z-health joint warm up and back mobility and then I did the following:

Snatch--3x3@40 1x2@60, 80, 90 1x1@97 for four singles and instead of doing 97 again, I did 100kg. I wanted to lift it for the first time with my new grip and it felt great. It is only 87% of my best Snatch of 115kg, but with the technical work and re-adjustments I have been making, it felt nice to get the 100 out of the way. As you will see in the video below, my lifting is getting smoother the more I get used to the grip and my back is also getting used to the new feel of the lift. I know I will have to continue to be patient, but it feels good when you get it right.

Snatch Pulls--1x2@90, 103, 103, 103

Jerk from the rack--I was supposed to work up to three singles with 117kg, but my right shoulder was pinging me a bit so I left it at 110kg.

Back Squat--Zag hit two doubles of 160 yesterday, so I had to one up him. Except I didn't. I did my double with 160 and one my second rep with 170, I failed to get through the sticking point. I will get this next time though....

That was it. I have a light recovery session tomorrow where I will go up to 70 or 80 kilos for a few singles and a few light singles in the Front squat with 130kg. I will do plenty of stretching and recovery work to set me up for training with the boys in Limerick on Saturday. I am looking forward to the lifting and the banter in UL. I am predicting some big numbers for Paudie, Lord Murphington and Byrdie as their training has been going splendidly:

Here is my more feeble lifting that will produce some more significant numbers very shortly!


CathalByrd said...

Your snatches are looking very smooth Barry, very good control and rhythm. Should be a very productive day all round tomorrow.

bigphathar said...

I love it when 'le plan' comes together...

Enjoy tomorrow, think of me working hard tutoring when I should be in Luimneach showing Murph what's what!

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