Friday 5 March 2010

Thursday's Tommyisms

Yes, I made up the word in the title. But it should be a word because Tommy Hayden is a legend and the dictionary does not do him justice. Tommy was just finished coaching Cathal Twaddle and I asked him to help work on my Snatch technique. The take home points were that I simply need to explode with the second pull faster and that aside from my back, my technique is fine. I was focusing on staying over the bar and keeping it close. Extending up, rather than back. Trajectory wise, I was really happy with how the lifts were going and now, once I get them habitual, I can work on the speed. As my back lock improves, my speed and power will be better translated. I worked up to 5 singles of 95kg. I missed two and got five. I only missed the lifts because of forgetting to simply finish the pull. Over-analysis I am afraid. This would normally be a comfortable Power Snatch, but with the new grip I am still getting used to the feel of the movement.

I then did some pretty unsuccessful Snatch Pulls with 99kg and this was frustrating. It really is a lot more difficult to lock in with the wider grip, but I will have to get used to it. The first few times I used chop sticks I had no idea what to do. It took a while but I adapted. Is the Snatch as easy as chop sticks?

I was supposed to do Jerks from the rack, but it was being used and instead of waiting for ten minutes or changing platforms, I did Power Clean and Jerks, working up to 110 for three singles. My Jerk was not very smooth or efficient last night, but this rarely happens so I have to accept it, move on and follow the program to the letter next time. I then worked up to three doubles with 150 in the Back Squat. Nice and chilled out for the first week.

That was it. I am training again today and tomorrow. Today is an active recovery session where I am Snatching up to 80 for three singles and Front Squatting 120 for three singles. Very light and it should leave me sprightly for Saturday's session.

How is this for a 208kg Snatch:

And Rybakov Snatching 191kg weighing around 90kg or so. What a freak!


snatch_pete said...

front squatting 210 for three singles........hope it went well and you are feeling sprightly on saturday after it!

Barry said...

Good man Pete, just changed it back to 120 there. The original seemed so much more impressive though. I guess I will just have to build up the strength I suppose.

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