Wednesday 3 March 2010

Tuesday's therapy

I had an enjoyable day's training again today. I am enjoying the fact that this week's training is relatively light and that it is forcing me to focus on the feel and rhythm of each lift. Technique, technique, technique. Squats will sort out my strength and my technical rebuilding with my new grip is forcing me to relearn the movements again which I think will help me in the long run. As I get used to the new grip, I can inch up the weights and any technical improvements should be maintained. Should is such a flimsy word though....

I had a nice warm up using the power plate and the Z-health mobility drills. I then did some bar work and some Jerk skill work.

Power Snatch--I did five doubles with 40, a double with 60 and then three singles with 80kg. Very light weights, but I am starting to feel like I am getting used to the new grip now and each lift got better and better. I felt like I could impart more force to my lifts and the Power Snatch movement once a week should help this.

Clean and Jerk-- I worked up to two nice singles with 115kg and I Power Cleaned and Jerked the last rep just to get a bit more pop into the lift. I need to learn to put the same amount of force into a full lift as I would a power lift.

Front Squats--I worked up to five doubles of 130kg. Very comfortable again, but I am still getting used to the movement after doing the Russian squat program which focused on Back Squats exclusively.

I did some recovery work on the power plate again, had a nice 5 minute sauna and finished with a cold shower. I left the gym feeling great and did a yoga class to top it all off. It was an enjoyable training day that is setting me up for the delicious hard work to follow.

Here is a CNS supplementation stack that Dr John Berardi of T-Nation and Precision Nutrition fame recommends for periods of heavy training and/or competition:

80mg caffeine
--CNS stimulation

300mg of green tea extract
--CNS stimulation

3g Tyrosine - (OR 1.5g N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine)
--Epi and Norepi precursor formation (but precursors must form neurotransmitters and these neurotransmitters must be released - the green tea and caffeine assist in NT release)

1g of Lecithin (or Choline) - (OR 100-200mg DMAE)
--AcH precursor formation (but, same as above, these precursors must be released)

15mg Policosanol
--Increases AcH release, decreases AcH breakdown in NM junction, and increases AcH binding affinity (all leading to decreased reaction time)

*10mg Vitamin B6*
--Potentiates the effects of the other ingredients

Also, have a look at this amazing video that Chris Betancort made:


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