Tuesday 30 March 2010

Monday's myriad

I had a nice session on Monday to lead me up to going over to train in Amsterdam on Wednesday. For some reason my legs were still a little tired from Saturday, but I got on with it anyway. Kris Greene trained with myself and Zag again and confirmed once more that he is an outrageously powerful and gifted athlete. Weightlifting is also about the balance between patience and striving to improve and as Dan John says: you have to keep turning up. Consistency is so vital in our sport and every other and I think Kris has the physical and mental goods to go very, very far.

I had a nice Z-health R-phase warm up and I Power Snatched up to 95kg for four reps. They all hovered around parallel, so that they were not really Power Snatches. They felt comfortable and smooth. I went onto Power Clean and Jerks and I worked up to three singles with 110kg. It was a nice weight to focus on technique and speed and my Jerk has felt better since I started reaching up more in the Jerk catch. I finished off by wrking up to a triple with 160 in the Back Squat and then I went back down to 145 for three triples. I did some soft tissue work with the cardboard roller and I felt great afterwards, even though the legs were feeling tired.

Here is a few videos showing Andrei Aramnau, the 105kg World and Olympic champion Snatching 200, 205kg and 210 off blocks. These are training lifts and he is using straps as well as being more than likely over the weightclass; they are still moderately impressive though....


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