Monday 23 March 2009

Monday's mounting volume

I had an excellent day's training today. Harry has myself and Sami--and I think the two girls also-- on our intense competition phase. I did half an hour Power Snatches, Jerk from the rack and Back Squats. I was far more energised mentally and physically than last week and the lower intensity did me good. Sami Jerked 117 from the rack which was great considering his best Clean and Jerk is 110. This will fall very soon.
Here is what I did today:

Overhead Squats--3x5--I did not do too many sets of these. I knew I would do more flexibility later on.
Power Snatch--30 minutes--1x3@50, 50, 50, 60 1x2@70
1x1@75, 80, 85, 87, 89--This last rep was to about parallel so I went back to 80% for doubles.

Jerk skill with 60kg
Jerk from the rack--30 minutes--1x2@60, 80 1x1@90, 100, 110, 110, 115, 120, 125, 125, 127, 130--This last rep was my fastest and technically my best. I then went down to 100 for two doubles.

Back Squat--30 minutes--1x3@60, 60 1x2@100, 120 1x1@130, 140, 150, 160--This last rep was fine but not as quick as I would have liked so I did not go any higher.

Band Pull Aparts--3x20
Single arm band pulls--3x20
Scap pull ups/push ups--3x8
Barbell sit ups--3x10

I then spent half an hour using the medicine ball to release the tension in my hips and IT bands. I also used a hockey ball for ten minutes. This was very intense but it did the job. My hips felt very free afterwards. Here is a video of Sami's 117 Jerk. It shows how much more there is to come from him.


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