Sunday 8 March 2009

Saturday's sprint Snatches

I had an intense training session yesterday. I talked to Harry on Thursday and we agreed on me going for it in the Snatch. I was desperate to break my 106 pb and thankfully I did. I Snatched 107 and 108--although Harry missed videoing the 108 lift! I went for 109 but I missed it three times. It was there but slightly out of position, just like the rest of my Snatches all day. It is funny that my technique was a little off and I still broke my pb, while on days I was more technically smooth, I was not able to. I tried to go for 140 in the Clean and Jerk, but there was not enough in the tank, and like my Snatches, my technique was off in the Clean as well as the Jerk. Here is what I did:

Band Pull Aparts--2x12
Overhead Squats--5x5
Drop Snatch--1x3@bar, 40, 50 1x1@60

Snatch--1x2@70 1x1@80, 85, 90, 95, 98--It was at this point that I had to keep running forward to catch my Snatches. Not sure why yet, but my pull was slightly off and the bar was half an inch too far forward.
1x1@101, 103, 105, 106--It was the first time since November that I have Snatched this.
1x1@107--A new pb at last!
1x1@108--I missed this first time because I was not vicious enough with the pull. I got it the second time and had to take a few steps to secure it.
1x1@109--I missed this three times. My technique was a little off and I was able to get away with it up to this point, but not with 109. It was high enough, but slightly in front. I need to keep working on getting my feet out in the catch for the next month. Harry and I decided that this is the most important feature of my lifting that I need to focus on every session. For a ropy day technically, I will take the overdue lifts.

I thought I had it in me to get 140 in the Clean and Jerk, but it wasn't there. My clean was off and my Jerk also. The video confirms this.
Jerk skill at 50
Clean and Jerk--1x1@80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 127--I actually missed this clean which was very strange. I let it fall down on me and I was not meeting the bar properly. You can see this in the video below. I then cleaned it and missed the Jerk behind, which is something I have never done before. I was very surprised at this as the weight was not particularly heavy. I was clearly not focused enough on the lifts and this shows that my mental stamina needs to improve. I wanted the 140, but I was not desperate to get it like I was the Snatches.
Harry then told me to go up to 130 which I got with a really ugly Jerk.
1x1@135--I cleaned it but missed the Jerk. I did not get under the bar fast enough.
1x1@139--I missed the clean twice due to a lack of speed getting under the bar. Not today. This have rarely been a problem before, so I will put it down to fatigue and a need to work on focusing on my lifts from the very beginning, not just when I miss a lift. A good day and a trying one. Thanks to Harry for coming down to Sami's place to accommodate us.


Laura Nolan said...

Good work on the snatch! The jerk will come.

CathalByrd said...

good stuff Barry. The cnj will come, just be patient!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!

Is it me or are you jumping backwards on the 106 snatch? The pull seems pretty good but if you look carefully at the feet, they are moving backwards by more than an inch.

110/140 is right there buddy, congrats.


Sean Flanagan said...

The snatches look very easy, watch you don't trip when reversing with the bar overhead or leave a longer landing strip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

Can you give an indication of the recovery time you are taking in between sets?

Thanks & regards,


bigphathar said...

Barry was technically (for him) quite rough, but still lifted well: As Barry has said we both agree that getting his flexibility a bit better and moving those feet out in the 'catch' position is key to improving (which will help stop that 'running' in the snatch!)

Also, when Snatching the next most important move is keeping the head from snaping back at the top of the pull: Once those two issues are sorted then 110kg should come fast...

Hugh said...

Roy is dead right. Your feet leap back about an inch on every snatch bar the 107, which was the only one that looked easy to control and you didn't leg it forward.

The lighter ones you controlled coz you are used to those weights but lepping (sic) backwards meant you couldn't hold the 109 in front of you. (I think I do this too (or did when I had a shoulder and some spare time))

Gotta be something there to think about/look at.

In better news, your left elbow position is much better in the jerk than the last time I saw it. (Pity the whole pnf rack exercise doesn't work!!! - Barry will get this, it does of course work)

Keep up the good work.

Laura Nolan said...

He jumps back on his cleans as well.

We can keep the rack PNF stretching as our secret weapon, seeing as the world won't listen, Hugh.

Barry said...

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. My feet are jumping back on my Snatch and my Cleans. This jump is exaggerated when when I pull too far back. It is there even when I am feeling technically sound, but the jump back and the bar is more controlled then. I am working on both extending UP rather than back, as well as widening my feet in the catch which will bring my hips further through to get under the bar.

I am taking up to 3-4 minutes rest between max attempts and 2-3 minutes rest in my lower percentage lifts. In my warm up I like to take less than a minute between sets and I usually superset exercises.

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